Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Well... so much for that lol

Rescheduled my dentist appointment to the 12th of next month and I called up the closest dermatologist office to make an appointment.
They had an opening this afternoon AND one early early tomorrow morning.. but of course... I have 2 kids. I couldn't take advantage of either. I wish I could have though b/c I want this gross mole gone already.
But nope.. so I made an appointment for the 9th.... AUGUST 9th. ROFL...... I just went ahead and made it, but I'm sure I'll be cancelling it :P Oh well
So yeah.... I'm probably gonna be stuck with this mole for at least another 3 or 4 months maybe. Not sure how willing they would be to remove a mole while I'm pumping. We'll see though. I'll ask when I cancel/reschedule.

I'm SO hot and sweaty!!
I couldn't take it anymore yesterday afternoon. Stripped off my sweat soaked shirt and put on a sports bra. It made my nips itch like crazy, but it helped. I bought tank tops to help with this, but I think even those would be too much.

I was not this hot when pregnant with Zoe. This is just ridiculous.

Is it August yet? :P

Also the dizziness came and went yesterday. It never got super bad or anything. Think I just didn't drink enough yesterday. Need to make sure to drink enough today.

Made fried bone-in chicken breasts yesterday :D YUM!
Pretty much my first time doing it. Actually..I may have before, but oh well.. I'll just say first time lol.
Turned out pretty well, but it needed a lot more seasoning.
I put them in a milk/water/seasoning marinade for a few hours. Thought I put in plenty of seasoning, but nope. Also put in salt and pepper to the flour too, but it still wasn't enough.
Oh well... live and learn for next time :) The breasts came out nice and juicy though. Think I may have overcooked just a tad bit, but they were still really juicy :D
Will have to do that again. Store usually had some discounted stuff so we'll see what happens.

Also bought some cheese curds to make fried cheese curds. Just need to strain out the oil first and look up a good breading recipe. Looking forward to that! :D

I sketched out some panda designs yesterday. I pretty much just copied some I saw on google and added my own style to it.
Meh.... not like I'm trying to sell something... it's just for my baby's room :)
Just need to start cleaning up the room, tape up molding on the bottom, finish the grey paint, then I can start sketching out everything on the walls. Still no idea where the furniture is going.
Will have to talk to DH about that tonight.

And yeah.... think that's it for now :D

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