Monday, June 27, 2016

Feeling SO LAZY!!!

Seriously... I want to do so much, but I just can't get my butt up to do it.


Saturday... we went to Home Depot and grocery shopping. We picked out the paint for the baby's room :)  A nice grey for the walls. 2 shades of green, 1 teal, and 1 magenta. We already have some black leftover so didn't need that.
Now i just need to battle the lazy and draw up some designs. Need to figure out where the crib and dresser are going though. Don't want to paint anything anywhere just for it to get covered up.
DH spent the weekend working on the room. He painted most of the walls grey. Just need to take up the floor boards and paint the rest of it.
He's also been trying to patch up spots that don't look that great.
His new wall doesn't look all that spectacular lol, but ya know.. it will work for us and with some strategically placed pics on the wall, the flaws will be hidden :)

After he's cleaned up all the tools and whatnot in the room, I need to clean those carpets again. At least once... maybe 2 more times.
The living room floors have already been stained by yogurt, cranberry sauce, and cat vomit..... sigh. That's not even counting all of the tufts of dog fur.  Sigh... it was nice for the one day it looked clean lol.

SiL and family came over Saturday too to get her hair done. Bleached it and colored it. The bleaching was great. She has a dark dirty blonde/brown hair and one bleaching brought it to platinum blonde. Just what you want for coloring. I totally messed up coloring her hair though. It didn't look bad or anything, but not what I was hoping it would look like.

Doing her hair made me want to do mine, so after they left (around 7 or 8), I bleached my regrowth. Did NOT go thee same way as hers lol. My hair lifted to brown and a dark orange :\
I wouldn't normally do it, but I bleached again on Sunday. It brought it to a pale yellow which was enough for the blue I wanted to put on the area. I just didn't want to wait to bleach it again and put a color on the area that I didn't want. My hair is feeling a bit bleh right now b/c of all the processing but should feel better once my natural oils and stuff work itself back in to my hair.
So right now, my hair is blue, purple and pink. :)
Need to touch up some blue spots that didn't get quite enough dye on the spots so some of the yellow shows through lol. Oh well.

Also yesterday.. I tended to my poorly looking container garden. Just planting some new cucumber plants and a cherry tomato plant that we got at the store. Also adding fertilizer to everything and just hoping for the best really.

While I did that, I cleaned out a kiddie pool we had and filled that and the kids water table and let them play. It was just Zoe for a bit while Oren napped and boy did she have fun lol. Oren only really got to play in it for about an hour before we all went back in.
They're both such little water rats. :)

Anyway... I wanted to do so much more, but the heat and just feeling so uncomfortable and very pregnant... I barely got done what I did want to do. Something that should've only taken me... not even an hour, took me at least 4 to do.
I just had to keep taking breaks and then forcing myself to continue on even though every pregnant part of me refused lol.

Like right now... I desperately want to clean the mess up in the living room and I REALLY want to vacuum up all the gross dog hair. Also need to be putting Oren down for his nap. But here I am.... just staring at the mess and letting Oren run around and fussing.
I'm about to get up, but man... I don't want to!

There was something else, but kids are whining and I forgot.....

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