Monday, June 27, 2016


I've been getting dizzy. Not to the point to where I think I'm gonna pass out or fall or anything, just slight dizziness.
That's not good.
Maybe it's the slight anemia I have? /shrugs
My iron level did go up a little and I wasn't taking the pills religiously while on our trip (I know.. dumb of me)... so I would think that with me actually taking them every day as I should that it wouldn't be that causing the dizziness.
Maybe baby is just laying on some blood vessel or something weird and it's causing the dizziness... who knows. If it gets worse, I'll call up the doc office.

I've also had a couple of nights where I strip off all my clothes except for my undies to sleep. DH thinks it's awesome lol, but I'm just laying there trying not to sweat to death :P
I would seriously walk around the house almost naked all day long if there wasn't any chance someone outside would see. I'm SO hot and sweaty most of the time... it's ridiculous.

And I swear this baby is a little night owl. From around 7 or 8.. it's pretty much non-stop movement. I love feeling baby move, but it does keep me awake while baby is having itself a good ole time in there lol. And of course baby stops just long enough that DH doesn't feel anything and as soon as he's asleep..

And while I'm more on this baby being a girl side... I have no intuition about it at all. Nothing is screaming at me that this is a girl or a boy. Only a few more weeks left, so we'll see :)
Little Evie or a little Ezra.


Crap... there was more but I've forgotten again b/c I had to go get Oren up from his nap. SIGH... thanks for working brain.... :P

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