Tuesday, June 21, 2016

It's all good

Yesterday's appointment went well. Both kiddos behaved, thank goodness. I was a total wreck and sweating buckets though. I wasn't late to the appointment, but it felt like I was.

Had some blood drawn to test my iron level again and also had the whooping cough vaccine. And yeah... that was about it. Doctor measured my bump and listened for the heartbeat (150).

Pretty uneventful lol. Should have results of the iron in another day or so.

DH is really pissing me off.
I think work is stressing him out some, but that's not an excuse to bring that shit home. He has some resident party to throw tomorrow (that I'm being forced to go to) so is trying to get stuff for that put together.
He stayed up until midnight last night doing... something. No frickin idea, but he comes to bed, I wake up b/c I'm a light sleeper... and he bitches at me for letting the dog lay in his spot.
Seriously?? I WAS ASLEEP. Excuse me for not being able to control everything while I'm SLEEPING.
He needs to chill the F out or I'm going to blow up at him. Only reason I haven't is b/c this could all be work related.... but again. He better get his shit attitude together.

And that wasn't the only incident.. it's just him losing his patience quicker with the kids and just little bitchy comments here and there that are chipping away my own patience.

Anyway... on a lighter note...

I think we're gonna be buying the kids a motorized car for Christmas. They fight over Zoe's little car thing that only sits one. We think they would like it.. and the one that we want to get... while expensive.... has a little space in the back for possible baby or one of the other kids. We wanted one with a wagon that could be attached but there really isn't one like that. I'm sure it would've been easy enough to hook one up though.
We'll see what happens. Still a little bit away from Christmas. Maybe we'll find one we want to get them more :)

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