Saturday, June 18, 2016

Not quite...

Didn't get quite as much done today as I was hoping I would.
Zoe spent the night with her granny... and will tonight too. Just glad that it's just her and niece couldn't. Not that I'm against them spending time together, but it's rare for Zoe to get one on one time with her granny and grampy like niece gets all the time since they babysit her.

We went blueberry picking this morning. It was nice, cloudy, cool, and breezy. Oren had fun being fed blueberries and picking some when I found a good bush with low hanging berries on it lol. He was a good little picker too :)
Of course he had some nasty blueberry poop before bed, but hey.... gross price to pay I guess lol.

We then went grocery shopping after where I forgot about the coupons we had and paid before we used them. DOH! Would've probably have saved us a good chunk off of the bill. Sigh.....
I blame the store. Not enough employees up front bagging so DH had to do it and he's the one with the coupons.
Oh well... think some of them will expire before we go back but we should still be able to use most of them next time or whenever.

And then home where we watched a movie.. I napped a little after reading and yeah.
I was SO incredibly achy and sore after shopping and picking so didn't want to do anything. The rest was nice and I managed to vacuum, put some dishes in the washer and cook dinner. Still aching like crazy though.... and an hour after vacuuming.. it doesn't look like I did at all with all the new tufts of fur. Sigh....

Planning on shampooing at least the bedroom carpet and maybe the sunroom carpet tomorrow. Leave the living room for Tuesday. Monday I have my appointment where I'm gonna be dragging the kids along lol. That should be interesting.
Thankfully it's just seeing the doc and getting some blood drawn.

UGH... so in my quest to not be so judgemental.. (which isn't going so well).... the crazy ass woman in this new August DD group that is all about homebirth can't actually do a homebirth this time.
Ok, so I know that's harsh, but this is a woman that thinks she knows more than doctors b/c she was in school for a year or so to become a nurse and her mom is a nurse (or was and is retired now?)... that's it. That's her credentials for her know-it-all-ness.
But anyway, she posted that she can't have her homebirth now b/c she has complete placenta previa. So now she has to get a c-sec and she's not going to get her fantasy birth.
Again, I know all of this sounds super harsh, but this woman is just.... ugh. She values the birth experience more than anyone should. Not saying that she can't be disappointed, but the way she was going on about how she wasn't actually going to be giving birth just pissed me off. Yeah... she said that because she wasn't going to be pushing that baby out of her vagina in her home, that she didn't count it as giving real birth.
Bitch..... please.

And finally.... caught Oren playing in the toilet right before his bedtime. Sigh....... Thankfully it was a clean bowl, but still... EW.

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