Friday, June 17, 2016

And I haven't done annything

Go me! I've done a whole lot of nothing today! WOO! lol
Felt like posting again really quick before plopping the kids in the bath.

Woman from Oren's DD group just had a baby 2 weeks ago.... TWO WEEKS AGO and she's already having sex with her husband. Uhm... no girl..... just no. Her labor and birth went pretty fast and well, but still.... 2 weeks??? The hell if I or DH was in any kind of sexual mood that soon after having a baby.
Must be nice to be young and full of energy lol. She's freaking out b/c they didn't use a condom though. Oh youth.....
Then again she was already talking about them trying again in 6 months for #3.
Just typing that out made me tired rofl.
But ya know whatever works for them I guess. Just hope they remember the condom next time they want to get frisky so she doesn't freak out again lol.

Zoe pitched some serious attitude today. Girl apparently does not know who her mommy is. This momma does not take that crap.
I can't even remember what caused the tude... just remember it happening and taking everything in me to keep from laughing in her face. Had to put my mommy face on and straighten things up.
Still though.... /BIG SIGH
Who knew almost 4yos could have the attitude of a teenager??

Oren needs to stop with the tantruming too. Also needs to stop wanting to dig in her diaper trash /vomit
I usually remember to pick up his trash and put it on the changing table since they'll play in his room sometimes. Forgot to today though. He came in here and I picked him up and smelled poop. Yeah, he had poo so I took him to his room and saw a nice big full dirty poo diaper opened up on his floor.
Thankfully it wasn't poo side down and no visible poop anywhere though.
Just ew though.. EW
He also needs to stop playing in the dang dog water like he's doing right this second.
He knows he's not supposed to b/c as soon as we get up to stop him, he tries to run off :\
And now he's standing in it.... awesome.

Guess that's my cue to get them a bath going. Little water rats.. both of them rofl.

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