Friday, June 17, 2016

So much pee!

I have to pee ALL the time!! Thinking it might be my body trying to get rid of the bloating I'm still experiencing b/c I'm not drinking a ton more or anything.
My right ankle and foot are still slightly swollen, but other than that, I think the bloating I was getting from the car trip have gone.

I'm hungry ALL the time now though. The iron pills have been causing some short term nausea after I take them, but after that... GIVE ME FOOD!!!!! lol

OH and while on the trip.. I felt hiccups for the first time from the LO :) Awwww
Felt them again last night after I got up to pee. Only twice now, but I'm sure it will start happening more often like it did with Zoe and Oren.

Honestly.. I just wish it was Aug 12th already. While I am enjoying all of the movement and not giving a F about my giant pregnant belly and popping it out...... I'm SO incredibly uncomfortable this time around and just want to get past the c-sec recovery stage and the exhausted newborn stage lol.

And while a part of me is still sad about not having any more babies... I know having a tubal done is the 100% right decision for us. I'll always wonder what more kids would look like, who they'd become, etc etc.. but I'm done.. done done done being a baby making momma :)
And knowing that.. it's such a relief.

Apparently we didn't have $1000 left on the furniture. Nope... we had $1700 left to pay on it!! DOH!
Damn our expensive taste! But YAY for being able to do payments on it! lol
Yeesh... again... thank goodness this is the last time we need to buy baby furniture. We will have to eventually replace Zoe's cheap dresser, but that doesn't need to happen any time soon... or at all really. But it's cheap material so I'm sure with 3 running around and causing chaos.. something will happen to it.

I've been procrastinating about coming up with a nursery design. I have some images in my head that I'll sketch out... eventually. Need to get it done though. I just don't want to for some reason. Just being super lazy I guess. But I'll be doing that today.. even though I don't wanna :P lol

My poor container garden looks awful! Really need to cut off the crap looking plants and replace them already. Should've bought new plants when we went to Home Depot, but by the time we got the stove.. I just wanted to leave.
That seems to be the common theme wherever we go. Want to do something else, but b/c I'm so big and uncomfy... by the time we get around to doing whatever... I just don't feel up to it anymore.

This weekend is going to be SO busy. We need to go grocery shopping.
We would like to go blueberry picking. DH wants to work on the nursery and get that done. (we got the fan in yesterday). I need to vacuum and shampoo the carpets. They REALLY need a good shampooing. They're absolutely filthy and just gross.
Ignoring the giant tufts of shedded dog fur.... there are stains everywhere... a pee spot in the sunroom that needs to be cleaned and who the heck knows what else.
We really need some new floors, but that crap costs so much.. especially for the area we would need.
DH wants hardwood or pretty much just anything other than carpet in the main living area. I don't mind carpet... but yeah.. with pets and kids... carpet is a PITA to keep clean.

Anyway.... think there was something else too we wanted to do, but whatever.. just those couple of things will take up both days.

And blahblahblah.. yaddayaddayadda..... My brain is shutting down and wanting a nap. Doubt I'll nap, but relaxing? I can do that at least while Oren naps :)

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