Wednesday, June 15, 2016

And more

First up....
Oren had his checkup yesterday and all is good with him. His height only puts him in 11th percentile though. Kind of scared he's going to be super short. Not that there's anything wrong with short guys, but I know a lot of women want TALL guys. I'm thinking way ahead though and I'm sure worrying about nothing.
He had 2 shots and was not happy after. Poor little guy.
Also mentioned his possible egg sensitivity and the ped didn't seem too concerned. Just said it was pretty common and if he isn't reacting to stuff like baked goods w/ egg in it, then he could just outgrow his sensitivity to just eggs and to try again once he's about 2.

So more trip....
I forgot to mention the time when I mowed down a little 2yo Asian boy. SIGH....
Think it was at Old Faithful. After watching it erupt, we went to the cafeteria to grab something to eat.
DH handed me Oren, I also was carrying the big diaper bag too so I couldn't really see anything below my belly. I felt my foot hit something, but instead of the normal "You hit something, stop or you're gonna trip!" Nope... my brain decided to "Oh you hit something.... it's all good! Just keep going!"
So I did and promptly tripped up a little 2? yo Asian boy that faceplanted at my feet. I'm surprised I didn't fall either.
OMG I felt AWFUL when it happened and promptly freaked out and I'm sure turned super red b/c all heads turned my way.
Thankfully the boy was fine and his grandmother? could only chuckle as I apologized so much. I don't think she knew English, but she seemed to understand my apologies nonetheless. Sigh....

Anyway... after leaving Yellowstone.... we headed for Wyoming to spend a few days with DH's friend and his family.
They live on the military base there so DH had to get a visitor pass. Apparently I needed one too, but they didn't bother telling us this the first day :\
Friend has 2 German Shepherds and well... one of them apparently is "nippy" according to them. Yeah.. that dog BITES. It may not be a full on bite, but it's a bite nonetheless. And DH got bit on his back by the dog. A few small punctures that bled a tiny bit along with a bruise. He's lucky that the dog didn't bite him worse.
And then I think the next day, the dog apparently 'jumped' at Zoe. We didn't see it, but their youngest son did. No idea if the dog was trying to be aggressive or not but it scared Zoe and she refused to walk by the dog without an adult to help her. We were watching the kids like hawks but obviously that wasn't going to always be the case.
Thankfully nothing else happened concerning their dogs.

The stay was nice there. We took over their youngest son's room. Got to sleep on an air mattress on the floor. The mattress itself was actually comfy, but getting my giant pregnant butt off of it.. not so much lol.
I hate staying at someone elses home though. No matter how well you know them, how nice they are... you never feel totally comfortable.
The kids, other than Zoe and the dogs were great there though. Their older kids and ours took to eachother and Oren was just LOVING all of the attention he was getting. Zoe enjoyed all of the new toys she was getting in to along with having Cartoon Network to watch lol.

We all tried going to Estes Park since they don't live too far from it. The drive there was nice but slow. Going through the windy mountains was interesting, but the weather was sketchy. It was raining which sucked, but then the further in to the mountains we got, we started seeing little piles of hail on the road.
Think it's the town right before Estes? But they were covered in INCHES of pea sized hail. It was all starting to melt and was just not a safe situation so after traveling all that way, we turned around and left. It was still raining and none of us were prepared to wade through inches of hail to look at anything lol.
Kinda disappointing since I did want to see the Stanley Hotel, but oh well...

We really didn't do much while we stayed with them. Just hung out and relaxed which was much needed.
My ankles and feet were constantly getting swollen after sitting in the car for so long. The swelling would mostly be gone by the morning, but would come back as soon as we were in the car again. So the rest was definitely needed.

We stayed there for 3? nights and left Thursday morning. I know DH was trying his best to hold it together, but I saw the tears in his eyes. Awww. We'll hopefully see them all again sooner rather than later though. DH and I had talked about taking a road trip to Maine eventually and coincidentally friend and his family also want to travel to Maine and all of those NE states so that could happen.... whenever. Probably not until this LO is at least 2 lol.
We'll see what happens.

And more to come later!
I swear I'll have some photos up soon. I did take a lot of photos, but there really aren't a lot of good ones to share. Boo :(

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