Friday, June 24, 2016

Taking a break

So I probably didn't get to sleep until 1am this morning. Then I woke at 5 and couldn't get back to sleep until 6 and then of course Oren woke up at 7 lol. Oh well. Thank goodness for caffeine.

I managed to clean up the living room, sunroom and vacuum. Holy crap the carpet looks TERRIBLE.
I'm taking a short breather before I carpet clean them. I was sweating like crazy cleaning what I did and just need to cool off.
So glad to not see the floor covered in toys and trash though.
Really just need to start cleaning everything up that same day so it doesn't build up and get overwhelming.

Anyway.... YAY for being productive :D
Still no photos. SO sorry :( It's just such a pain editing and blah. But I swear, they will be up by next week. Yall aren't missing anything anyway rofl.


UGH... ok so I have to complain about the drivers here again.
I was on my way to my mom's house yesterday. Stuck behind this UPS truck that was swerving ALL over the damn road and not checking the lanes for cars and would start to go in to the other lane with cars right beside him/her. THEN of course this idiot exits on the same one I do and gets in the wrong lane so pretty much forces its way in to the lane I was in and almost hits the car in front of me.
I wish there had been one of those "How is my driving" stickers b/c I would've called it in. I should've called 911 on it or something.

THEN... I leave my mom's a bit late and at the start of rush hour traffic. I usually take a back road home when I think the traffic is going to be bad, but this time I took the interstate. BAD choice. First...
this MORON exits off the interstate right in front of me. No problem IF there had been enough room for them to get in front of me and if they weren't GD idiots that don't know where their gas pedal is.
Just damn.... would it have killed them to wait another 2 damn seconds???
Then, merging on to the interstate.... some bitch speeds up when I'm trying to merge so I can't get over, so I brake and slow down and so does she. MAKE UP YOUR GD MIND!!!!
I swear.... it's 2 things when merging... you either get stuck behind some dipshit who thinks going 40mph is the right way to merge... or you're trying to merge on to a busy ass highway with assholes who won't let you in.

I love driving the van but holy hell.. I HATE driving here so GD much. SO MUCH.
Oh and that doesn't even count the asshole when I was leaving the house to go back to the party with the veggie trays.
The light outside of he neighborhood (and down the road) is notorious for red light runners and that time was no exception.
There will usually be 1-3 cars waiting to turn after the light turns red. Ok.. not a huge deal, but then they have to deal with the complete and total assholes who run the red AFTER it has been red for enough time for them to have stopped.
Not one, but TWO assholes ran the red light.... they could have easily have stopped like they should have, but oh no.. they gotta risk their and other people's lives bc they can't be bothered to sit at the light for a couple of minutes.

I really wish there was a few cops always parked at the intersection. Get those assholes to stop treating the law like it's optional. We really need traffic light cameras in these areas. They would make SO much money from all the idiots. SO much money.

There was more I wanted to talk about but my rant side tracked me and made me forget lol.... oops.

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