Thursday, June 16, 2016

Back to normal? Not quite...

We headed to Home Depot last night to get the stove we want. Unfortunately, they're out of stock and won't be getting more in until the 7th or 8th of next month. We went ahead and put the order in anyway.
We also sorta kinda bought a new fridge too. Nothing wrong with our current fridge other than it being too small. Sigh... I guess yay or boo for credit cards :P lol
Going to suck not having a working oven for another month, but we'll manage.
Figures that when we don't have the oven... all I want to do is bake bake bake lol.

Bad thing though is that we still owe about $1000 for the crib and dresser. Still have to buy paint and the other things for the nursery.
AND now we have to take one of our dogs to the vet b/c his butt is bothering him again and we'll probably have to fork over at least $700 to get his tail area fixed. Something that we should've gotten done a long time ago.
So yeah... we're going to be in some credit card debt for a while here, BUT we always pay it off, so it's not a huge deal. Just another bill to pay off.
Just gotta make sure to not use the CC unless it's absolutely necessary now lol.

Zoe is a trip. Everywhere we go, she sees something she wants and says "Maybe for my birthday." lol. Candy, toys, clothes.... everything. We already bought her those 3 superhero girl dolls and then I bought the water table and gave that to them early.
Also bought her a couple of toys on the trip too lol.
Yeah... our kids are spoiled as heck, but man.. it's so fun getting them stuff when we can.
I think we're going to take her to Build A Bear for her birthday since they have some new ones to pick from. We'll see what happens. Maybe get her to pick out one for her new sibling too :)

Oren is doing good too, but holy crap does he throw down some epic sized tantrums. Zoe was a mellow child compared to Oren.
She didn't prepare us for this at all! lol
He's a smart, sweet little guy though. Tries to say lots of words, mimics his sister and us... etc. It's just the meltdowns that I wish would stop.

He's still trying to hit when we tell him no or if he tells us no. When he starts, I say "Gentle" and try to guide his hand to pat or rub gently instead of hitting. That seems to be working a little bit. Not sure what else to do in that situation. Hitting is new for us.

He figured out how to take his diaper off yesterday..... Joy :\
Thankfully he only had pee, but earlier he did have poop and while I was getting up to change him, he decided to stick both hands down his diaper right in to the poop. BLEH! lol Always an event when you're freaking out and trying to keep little hands from touching anything :P

But man... he loves Zoe so much. I know I always comment on it, but it's just so heartwarming to see how much they love eachother.
And then thinking about how he was around SiL's baby...... i think we're gonna be ok. At least for a little while.
They're starting to "fight" a little more now, but it doesn't happen too often. It's more of Zoe taking some toy from Oren and him getting upset over it lol. Fight is the wrong word to use... more frustration on their part with eachother.

Anywho.. gotta put little man to bed for a nap soon. He's not gonna like it, but tough dooky little dudey.

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