Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Come on people...

Ugh... some of the women in my group.... just ugh.
If they want to BF still, great for them, but how about listening to your child's doctor too.
One of the women took their LO in for their 15m checkup and their boy only gained 5oz since his last appointment...and his last appointment he was in the very low percentile too so it's not like he was a chunker before and is still one now.
The doctor said that she should stop BFing b/c it's a bit obvious that he is not getting what he needs from her breastmilk and that she needs to focus on trying to feed him real food and giving him whole milk to get him to start gaining.
But nope.... her and others in the group are all like "No, don't stop BFing!"
Seriously??? Your child is barely gaining weight and is refusing regular food to BF. That wouldn't be a problem IF your milk was giving him what he needs which it isn't!
Just UGH!!
BFing is great and all if you want to do it and your LO is thriving, but there comes a point when you have to do what is best for your child. And if that means stopping.. then DO IT.

Sigh.... hopefully everything works out for this momma and her son and he starts gaining.

Speaking of LOs....
Oren was driving me frickin crazy yesterday.
Child.. I can not make food cook faster. No matter how loud you cry and scream.. it's not going to make it cook any faster and is only going to drive me damn crazy.
I was at my wits end and had to just leave to where he couldn't see me.
I love my little booger-butt so much, but damn...... just damn.

And also.... so much for not taking the child safety door thing off of Zoe's door b/c she suddenly learned how to open her door with it on. DOH!
She hasn't been practicing or anything... it's just that I dunno... suddenly she figured it out. Sigh....
Proud of her but also... bed time now is going to be such a PITA like it was last night.
She kept getting up and going to the bathroom to pee. More like going to the bathroom to play around and avoid going to sleep.
I kept waking up during the night expecting her to be in bed with us lol.
I'm sure that will happen eventually.

Have that resident party thing tonight. Ugh....
Thankfully it's totally casual so I don't have to dress up at all. WOO! lol
Still not looking forward to it though. I'm just not social and well.... all of those people are probably.
Just let me sit in the back somewhere... out of sight out of mind lol :P
Need to get myself and the kids bathed today.

Looked up prices for doing a party at Build a Bear. It's not too bad so long as you don't have a lot of kids... or that the kids don't mind getting the cheaper stuffed animals lol. Doubt we'll do that though. Only take Zoe and Oren and let them pick out something.

Oh and FYI... Dollar Tree has some cute magnetic kid frames (they were in the toy section at the one we went to). We bought 3? Different ones. Disney Princess, Mickey Mouse Club, and something else that I can't remember. Big magnetic frames for those that don't want to nail anything to the wall and have room on your fridge for them heh.

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