Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Before I forget again

No photos yet.. kids are driving me a bit crazy with their whining and I really don't feel like getting the photos.. editing them and all of that. I definitely will though soon.

Anyway... my non-diagnosis of GD got me thinking... maybe women that claim to make "Big babies" have GD-lite like myself this time.
What I mean is... they pass their glucose test, BUT they do in fact have GD and should be watching carbs and sugar intake, but since they weren't diagnosed and more than likely aren't monitoring blood sugar level... they eat whatever they want and TADA... big babies.

/shrug... just a thought lol

Oren is going to drive me crazy and so is Zoe for that matter.
She'll forget to close the bathroom door when she's done.... and there goes Oren to play in the toilet. Sigh...
I JUST gave him some string cheese and off he went. Heard that familiar toilet seat sound and sure enough, he had dumped his cheese right in to the toilet.
THEN later in the day... Zoe was taking too long in the bathroom. Go in there and she's ripped off ALL of the TP from an almost full roll. Made her pick it all up and put it on the counter. Good tp is too damn expensive to just throw away.
THEN.. just caught both of them playing in the bathroom AGAIN.
They are making me regret taking the child safety thing off the doorknob :\

We were thinking about taking the one off of Zoe's door on the inside, but nope. I know as soon as she realizes that it's not there, she's never going to stay in bed at night.
Do not want to wake up to a toddler's face in mine lol.

One day it will come off.. but not anytime soon.

OH AND... Keeping ORen out of the pets' water is almost impossible. I wasn't paying attention and he grabbed the remote for the sound system and then plopped the remote in the water. Awesome.....
Hoping that once it dries off that it will still work.
We'll see I guess.

I do love my annoying little munchkins though. It hasn't all been bad. Some laughs and snuggles today too.

I just need a soda..... a nice cold fizzy caffeinated soda......

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