Thursday, June 23, 2016

So awkward...

So DH got off of work early yesterday. Had to pick up a poster at Walmart for his party... that was supposed to be done the day before and still wasn't done when we got there.
UGH.... That made us late to the club house thing the party was being held at.
THEN DH realizes that he completely forgot the veggie trays he made.
I volunteered to go home to grab them. Not a big deal other than having to drive in rush hour traffic. Bleh.
I swear.. there are 2 speeds in rush hour..... Too fast and too slow and then there you are.. the only inbetween.
Getting pissed off at the people going way too slow.... and getting zoomed by by the ones going way too fast.
I get it... everyone wants to get home, but that aint no reason to drive like a damn idiot and acting like you're invincible.
Anyway... I got back about 40mins later and the entire parking area was full except for one little space where the asshat in the audi parked right on the line. DH came out after I called him and parked it lol.

It went well though. Both kids had a great time running around. Oren had a blast being fed by everyone and finding a new grandma lol. Oren just kept going up to everyone and wanting to play with the other kids there.
I of course sat off by myself minding my own business and hoping no one would talk to me lol.

Zoe did almost get whapped in the head when they brought out the pinata. There was a little boy.. about 5? that kept whacking the crap out of the pinata when it was his turn and Zoe was almost in the line of fire... like... just mere inches from being hit.
Thankfully there were no injuries and the kids along with a few adults had fun picking up all the spilled candy lol.

Other than not really eating enough.. it was all good and everyone else seemed to have fun socializing.
It's just not my thing. I'd much rather stay home and not have to talk to anyone lol.
Plus, most of the people there were SO damn young. Really makes you feel old when you see grown ass adults, but still find yourself thinking.... "I was a teenager when you were born!" lol
Heck, the new batch of residents looked like they should still be in HS!

Oh I also had a caff withdrawal headache all day yesterday... so.. that was fun. Thankfully it was just a dull one by the time of the party, but it still sucked.
Woke up with it this morning, but thankfully tylenol actually worked on it.

Lets see if I can actually finish this post. Oren keeps coming over wanting to be picked up whenever I start typing lol.
I just can't resist him. I want to soak up all the cuddles while he still wants them.

Uh..... I think that's about it actually... or at least all I can think of atm. Pics will be coming soon. Just been lazy and busy lol.

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