Thursday, September 29, 2016

It's not even noon....

I am so done with this day. Woke up feeling drained. Even though I was exhausted after pumping, I couldn't get back in to that good restful sleep so basically lost about 3 more hours of much needed sleep.
Yesterday was awful too. I just got sicker and sicker. Thankfully no more throwing up, but there were a couple of times where I thought I would. Just felt light headed and awful all day yesterday and could barely drink anything so was dehydrated so my milk supply is just taking another hit.
I still feel sick today, but thankfully so far, not as bad as yesterday. Going to try my best to drink more, but it still feels like I can't stomach a lot of liquids.

Oren is also not 100% yet. Got him up and he was crusty with throw up. Happened some time during the night /shrugs
He's acting pretty normal, but he was yesterday too..... even though he didn't nap at all which ticked me off.

And Ezra this morning has been a little nightmare. Started off well enough, but I swear his fighting sleep is driving me damn crazy and just drains me completely. Just spent a good 30 mins trying to get him to settle down and sleep already. He's finally sleeping now but who knows for how long. He cat naps quite a bit which I know is contributing with his irritability.

Oh AND Oren had some nasty poop which just reaffirms that he's still somewhat sick.

Uuuuuuuugh...... just feeling done and overwhelmed and yeah..... just ugh right now. This momma needs a nice LONG nap.... or another giant piece of cake. Sigh... I want more cake.... and sleep.

Zoe has thankfully been great this morning. Yay for that at least lol.
She was a bit weak still yesterday, but she managed to eat and drink without throwing up once the entire day. So glad for that :)

Being a momma is so hard sometimes. Yeah yeah.. it is all worth it, but that doesn't make these difficult moments any less difficult.

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