Friday, September 30, 2016

Are we just reinfecting eachother??

Zoe and Oren both threw up yesterday. Well... Zoe happened after midnight so I guess technically it was today, but whatever.

Oren was totally fine the entire day. Fixed him some food. He was fine.
Gave him one candy corn pumpkin and go to the bathroom. All of a sudden I hear Zoe screaming and crying.
Come out and the boy threw up EVERYWHERE. Chunks all over himself and on the floor and BLEH.
He wasn't freaked out at all, but Zoe had actually climbed on to the back of the loveseat to get away from the little bit of vomit that was on the seat lol.

So darn gross.

I HAD to clean the carpets after that. I wasn't about to cook dinner, clean carpets and whatever else. It was one or the other and I picked the carpets. We have enough food and DH has working hands and legs. He could fend for himself.

But finally... FINALLY the carpet in the living room has been cleaned and it's glorious!! Most of the food stains came right up and OMG YES! It's so nice to look down and not see nasty looking carpet. SO NICE.


Zoe wwas acting normal too. Then I wake up to her crying and go check and she's thrown up. Get her cleaned up and go back to bed, about 2 hours later, get woken up again by her crying b/c she threw up again.

So yeah... I dunno if we're all just kind of reinfecting eachother with this bug or if it's just lingering or what but this crap needs to stop already.
I'm still feeling slightly bleh in the tummy. I still can''t drink a lot of water without it making me feel nauseated and I guess the kids probably feel the same way too.

Ezra also spit up a few times before bed last night.... all on me after I just took a shower. Of course...
It wasn't a lot though thankfully.

Can I just say how much I love the show Jane the Virgin?? Yeah it's SO ridiculous at times, but it's still SO GOOD lol. I'm only watching it on Netflix.
Only thing that bugs me is how easily and quickly Jane jumps from guy to guy and how easy it is for her to just drop a guy.
Anyway... great funny, touching show. Love it!

And so excited to start Luke Cage today! WOO!

Alrighty... gotta pump. My supply is still really hurting right now, but I'm trying my best to squeeze out every drop of milk I can out of these saggy milk jugs :P rofl

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