Friday, September 2, 2016

It only took him 4 years

It's a darn miracle. Dh is finally hanging up the bazillion pictures we have!!
They're all of Zoe when she was a baby, that's how long they've been laying around lol.
Hell, we haven't gotten pics printed since Oren was a newborn. We've been seriously slacking to put it mildly.
Need to go through all of our photos so we can print more out to hang up. Love going down memory lane though. Seeing how tiny Oren was not too long ago. Sigh, they really do grow up so darn fast.

Anyway, tried getting photos off my phone, but something is wrong with the card. Reads perfectly fine in the phone, but computer and camera can't pick anything up from it. Need to figure out why bc I can't email the pics either bc my phone sucks or something.

He's been so productive these last few days though. So proud of him for getting some shit done :)

And thnkfully, it seems Tylenol is good enough for my pain relief. I still have to take it easy bc it doesn't get rid of it completely, but it's good enough. Woo!

There was more I wnted to say, but having some serious mom brain right now and can't remember anything. Lol

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