Sunday, September 4, 2016

Something is wrong with my ass

So... This has happened twice now and yeah.. I hope it's nothing serious.
Two different times.. After I've had a largish poop... Like a bit too wide do,it hurts a little coming out... I've wiped away blood. Not just a little either.
It only happened with these 2 poops and other than the initial mild pain of pushing out the giant poop, there's no,other pain.
Is this from hemorrhoids?
Alao, there doesn't seem,to be any kind of active bleeding.,it only happened with these 2 poops and the blood is only there when im,wiping after. I've gone to pee soon after both times and no more blood when,i wiped.

If it continues, I'll bring it up at my 6w pp appointment. I don't think it's anything serious, but who knows.

In other news... Ezra was in a great mood earlier and have all,of us some giant gummy smiles. So stinking cute!!
Hmm video seems to want to post wherever it wants. Oh well... Its cute so it's all good lol.

And finally... Drank a little more today and my supply seems to have gone back up a little. Yay for that :)
We've already used all of the new lids we bought. Annoying but hey..., there are worse things ;)


Stefanie Pinwill said...

Sounds like hemmaroids sorry 😕

LisaL said...

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, trying to poop those first few times really screwed things up back there. Just hope it gets better with time.