Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I think it's working

So that Earth Mama nipple butter stuff seems to be working a bit better than lanolin did.
The raw spots don't seem to be as sore anymore and look like they're healing.
We'll see if this continues. If so.. WOO! :D

Got my brewers yeast today. Need to print out a recipe and make some cookies. Who knows if they'll work, but won't hurt to try.

Hour later:  So I made the cookie batter. Pumping right now but will put some in the oven as soon as I'm done.
Simple enough recipe. Basic cookie recipe with the added flax seed and brewers yeast. I'm sure it will taste fine.

Couple hours later: Yep... they taste like cookies lol. Not as sweet as I thought they'd be, but still good.

Gotta cut this short. Need to change a diaper and eat some dinner. It's a bit difficult trying to figure out what to do first.. do I feed the baby first or do I change a poop diaper on Oren's rashy butt.

Feeding won.....

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