Wednesday, September 7, 2016

2 days down... 18+ years to go

I'm so dang tired it's not even funny. Caffeine is barely keeping me awake. Only thing keeping me going is just sheer determination not to wake up to a house destroyed lol.

First day, trying to pump in the room was not a good idea. Zoe and Oren took full advantage of my absence to get in to everything they could.

Today, I took the pump out in to the living room. A bit more awkward, especially trying to take care of Ezra when he started crying, but at least I could,keep an eye on the other 2. I'm pumping out less today too. Think it may be the lack of sleep. Sigh... My body better get used to it bc it's gonna be this way for a while.

And my butt is aching too. So much for that no,pain after thing. It's a really mild pain. Feels,like when you sit on a hard surface for too long. Just uncomfortable, but getting better.... At least until,the next time i,mean to poop.

Thinking of going do,the store tomorrow with the kids. Running low on lanolin and my nips REALLY need it right now.
I haven't been having trouble picking Oren up thankfully... That's until he presses right in to my nipples. Holy crap the pain!!!
It's excruciating.

Ezra is doing well. He's smiling a lot,more. Still sleeping a lot. Fussing a ton more now too though. Not sure if it's has or just him wanting something else.
Hard to believe that he's gonna be a month old on Friday. Geeze, time really does fly by.

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