Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happy Belated birthday to me!

Yesterday was my birthday and meh. Like any other day except with cake and I didn't have to cook dinner lol.
Hell, DH didn't even offer to change poop diapers when he got home. Asshole....

It was a good day though. Tantrums were minimal and overall it was a nice boring day which I'm totally cool with.
Would've been better if I could've slept in though. Ez woke up at 6am and wouldn't go back to sleep /cry

The cake made up for it though. Made myself sick by eating 2 giant pieces of it, but damn.. is it good!

6w PP appointment tomorrow. UGH. Do I HAVE to have a pelvic exam if I had a c-sec? I'm gonna ask b/c I don't see why I would need it since I didn't push a baby out my vajangle.
Oh doh.. google to dash my dreams. Looks like everyone gets the exam since it should count as an annual exam. BLEH! Need to do some serious trimming tonight. Things are wild and untamed down south.

Zoe wrote her name last night! WOO!
She's been going to her church thing on Wednesdays and has 'homework' she has to do before the next meetup the following week.
She had to draw a picture for this week and DH showed her how to write her name. She remembered the letters that spell her name which was awesome enough, then after DH showed her how to write it, she did it all by herself!
So proud of my girl :) She was so proud of herself too that she did it 2 more times and wanted me to get pics of all of it which I happily did. :)

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Stefanie Pinwill said...

Happy belated birthday 🎂