Sunday, September 11, 2016

Just going with the flow

Ezra is one smiley little guy. It's so darn adorable. He actually laughed earlier today.
Dh changed his diaper and Oren was on the bed kissing on him. When dh was done, he started playing with Ezra and started getting giant smiles and that's when Ez laughed. I thought it was Oren when I heard it.
Oh, ezra's appointment went well. Or so,i was told by dh. While he took ez, I took the other kids to target and the grocery store really quick.
Anywho... Ez is 10lbs 5oz and just over 21inches long. My big little guy :)

First 'week' of just me was ok. Did count down the minutes until dh got home lol, but it was ok. Zoe and Oren love their little brother, but it gets tiring having to make sure they're not accidently killing him.
Lol, I know that sounds horrible, but it's so Damn true. 
They both just don't fully grasp that they can't do certain things with Ez.

My supply has been wonky the last few days. Decreasing and not wanting to come back up. Looks like my right boob is finally working today. Just hope it lasts.
Using a new nipple cream too. Earth mama brand. Just wanted to try something different to see if it helped better.

Anywho, need to focus on pumping right now. 

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