Monday, September 26, 2016


So when did I post last? Don't even remember.
Oren and Zoe had appointments last week. Both had to get shots.
Both are good too. Oren was 24lbs.
I don't remember the other stats lol.

Friday, Zoe myself and dh had to go to the dentist. Dh needed some crap for small cavities and myself and Zoe just had a cleaning. I swear, dental hygienists are modern day torturers. My teeth weren't even that nad, but couldn't tell that with the way she was scraping the shit out of my teeth and gums.

Oren spent the night with his granny on Friday. We went to get him Saturday afternoon at a chicken joint where he proceeded to throw up potato chunks all over me.
He also threw up on the way home and yeah. Stomch bugs suck ass.
No idea where he got it from but wouldn't doubt it was from mils house.
Anyway, he's been sick since then and is very slowly on the mend.
He couldn't keep any liquid down on Saturday and Sunday. Thankfully he could keep down Ice chips, but he didn't want to eat enough of them to help with the dehydration.
Of course I caught it and started throwing up last night. I'm thankfully not as sick as he got, but it still sucks.
Feel so weak and feverish without the fever.
Now, Zoe started to throw up tonight. Sigh.....
I'm sure dh will be next and Ezra. Most worried bout Ez. Will have to take him to hospital if he gets sick.

I've only pumped 4 times today too. I just didn't have the energy earlier to do it. My supply is definitely going to take a hit from this. Will be a lot of work to get it back up, but I'm gonna try my best.

Thankfully dh stayed home today to take care of the kids, but he'll be going back tomorrow unless he gets sick.
Thankfully I'm already feeling a little better so it shouldn't be too bad... Other than taking care of sick kiddos :(

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