Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Better but not 100%

So Oren is better. Not completely 100% yet but better thankfully.
I'm also much better but still getting some nausea and blah feeling. Difficult trying to re-hydrate since drinking too much water causes the nausea to come back. I'm slowly getting fluids back though.
My milk supply has definitely dropped, but hopefully that will pick back up once health is back to normal.

Zoe is a little better today. She didn't get as sick as Oren, but still couldn't keep much down. My poor girl :(
She's keeping water and crackers down today though, but is still snoozing off and on. So still low energy and I'm sure wouldn't be able to eat much more than that.

Ezra... I THINK might have it, but it's very mild with him. He's spitting up a little more than usual, but it's only just a little bit so it's hard to say if this is the stomach bug or if it's just reflux or something else.
He is still fighting sleep like crazy. Doesn't help when Oren or Zoe get in his face every chance they get.
It's so sweet that they want to interact with him, but also really frustrating when he finally gets to sleep only for one of them to get up in his face and wake him up.

Oren is currently yelling for me in his crib even though he should be napping. Sigh... he'll fall asleep eventually. Just hate the whining :P lol UGH his whining is driving me frickin crazy. It's just annoying as hell b/c he says whatever he's saying the exact same way every single time so it's like a broken record and just grates on my nerves. I sound so loving right now lol. I love my big headed little dude, but he needs to shush and go so sleep!

So far DH seems to have dodged the bug, but still plenty of time and opportunity at home to catch it.
Not that I want him to get sick or anything lol.

I think once Ez is out of the super dependent newborn stage or at least is sleeping on a more regular schedule... I'm gonna start making the frame things again.
We could really use the money that I'm HOPING this idea could make (even if it's just a little), and plus it would be nice to make my own money and contribute financially to the household. I know money isn't everything and raising and taking care of the kids is just as important. I just want to help out if I can.
Just feels like DH has a lot of stress sometimes when it comes to the bills and wanting to do things but we're not able to b/c we don't have the extra funds and need to save.

Say for instance.. The friends we visited when we went on the road trip... they want to go on a road trip to Maine. So would we, but they want to do it next summer.
Uh.. nope... at least that's my answer. We would love to go.. in maybe 2 years from now, but we really need to build our savings back up which is going to take at least a year. And we really need to get some house things done.. like DH's shed for the back yard and the back porch.
Well I guess those things don't need to be done, but neither does another expensive road trip either.
And speaking of the trip for a moment...
They want to stop in every big city along the way. Me? NOPE!! It took us like 2 hours to get out of Chicago on our way home. The hell if I want to do that shit again over and over and over again. We live close enough to the coast that we could just do a nice coastal areas road trip all the way up north. How nice would that be?
Well, probably not so nice if we do go next summer with a not even 1yo along with 2 other kids. I can imagine that Ez would be just as bad as Oren was w/ the screaming and crying. That was not fun.

So anyway... my vote is NO on another road trip or any big trip that soon b/c of money and b/c of Ezra.
We'll see what happens. DH knows how I feel and he knows I'm right, but I can just see in his eyes that he wants to go and is trying to figure out some way to make it work. Dude... there's no way to make it work. We just don't have the extra money to take a vacation like that again so soon. He needs to face it.

And that's why I want to start getting my craft on lol. So we can hopefully go on more trips and whatnots. Not that I think I'll become some bazillionaire or anything rofl. But any little bit would help :) Even if it's just enough to buy a single souvenir magnet or something rofl... that would still be something.

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