Saturday, September 17, 2016

Just letting the boobs drip

It's just after 3am. I'm sitting here and just as the title says, letting my boobs drip a bit after I just pumped.
I'm glad I'm not trying to pump more than once a night and that Ezra only usually wakes once to eat.
Still would rather be able to just sleep though. Its a guaranteed hour or so of being awake which sucks when all you can think about is sleep.
Small price to pay I guess.

This week has been ok. I've been a lot bitchier than usual. Just snapping a but quicker, which I'm not proud of.
Really hate yelling at the kids or getting mad at them. Have to remind myself that they're still so young and they're going to be holy terrors
Just gotta give myself some slack though.
I've been doing pretty good, but it should be better.

Alrighty, gotta go wash all the pump stuff and get back to sweet sweet sleep.

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