Sunday, March 29, 2015

Another quickie

Wanted to go to bed early but wanted to post real quick while I remembered to.

Things are ok here. Oren will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. Gosh... can't believe he's been here 3 weeks already.
He smiled at DH like he did for me. He hasn't done it again since though. We'll get those intentional smiles eventually :)

Oren is doing well for the most part. He def has the whole eczema issues Zoe has. He has bumps on his cheeks and forehead. We've been using some baby eczema cream on him to help.
His eye duct is also still blocked so his right eye is all gunky and gross still.

He always wants to lay on the right side of his head. I know if this continues he's going to get a wonky mishapen head. We've been trying to get him to lay on the other side a bit more.

His spitting up is about the same. We had a volcano of spit up the other day. He spit up EVERYTHING he had just eaten. Didn't phase him a bit :P lol

Zoe spent the weekend with aunt. They had some egg hunt thing at her church. Zoe only got 4 eggs. DH went with her to the area where they had the eggs. Zoe didn't quite understand that she had to hurry to find the eggs before the other kids did. Of course she was the youngest one in the group so all of the other kids got to most of them first, plus an older kid that wasn't supposed to be in their area came over and stole some of the little kid eggs.
I hate egg hunts. Seriously.. all it does is encourage greediness. There were a few kids there in tears b/c they didn't find as many as the other kids.
Zoe was happy with her 4 though so it's all good heh.
She was NOT happy today when she got home. Even though she loves spending the night away from home, she just doesn't ever sleep well anywhere else which results in a very tired, very cranky toddler.
My poor baby :(
She's home and asleep now though. Hoping she'll sleep in tomorrow.

Taking the cat and our dog Cid to the vet on Tuesday. Or well... DH will be while I stay home w/ the kids.
The cat's paws are just getting worse and we just don't know what else we can do for him. DH brought up putting him to sleep, but ugh... it makes me sick just thinking about doing that. While I want to get rid of the cat... I want to give him to a good home that is equipped to take care of him.... I don't want to put him to sleep.
But... we're also at our wits end with all of the pissing and pooping all over the floor.
I'm hoping they can maybe cut some of the cat's paw pads off. I know that sounds extreme, but if you saw how bad they are.. everyone would think the same thing.
It looks like a giant fleshy blister bubble is stuck to his paw. It's disgusting and it bothers him so much.
Maybe cutting some of it off to a more 'normal' size and letting it heal that way will help him get around a bit easier.
But again... I'm sure that's going to require a lot of money we don't really have right now IF the vet was even willing to do it. Hell, maybe she could take him in. It's the first time she had ever seen a cat with this issue before and she was really interested in it. Maybe if she had him, she could help him in ways we can't.

AND the dog... his tail is naturally small and curves in to his body. It's like a nub that grew back in to the area right above his butt. B/c of it, it gets nasty and irritated so he'll do a butt grinding dance on the carpet to scratch it. It's disgusting b/c it leaves a mark and it stinks to high heaven. So yeah... we're taking him to hopefully get him meds for that. I want to see if they could surgically fix his take... break it or something out of his ass, but not sure if that would be possible and again... probably would cost a lot. Something needs to be done though.

Uhm... this is getting longer than expected lol....

Pumping is about the same. I'm getting a little more than I was, but not much. It's enough for now w/ some supplementing but once he starts wanting 4oz on a regular basis, it won't be.

PP recovery is still requiring ibuprofin. It's like the incision and my uterus keep feeling tight and achy. It's not bad if I'm not doing anything, but not going anything causes it to hurt more when I do actually move lol. Again though, it's not that bad. 1 or 2 ibuprofin a day is plenty.

Oh, weird side effect from not being pregnant anymore.... my nails have been growing crazy fast. Forgot to mention this before, but ever since giving birth... my nails have been growing super fast. I clipped them all right before giving birth since I didn't want long nails that I might accidentally stab Oren with, and about a week later... they were already really long again. They didn't grow really well during pregnancy.

Still bleeding off and on. It's mostly old blood now, but there are moments of fresh stuff. Going to need to buy more pads.....

I've been getting night sweats. I'm usually a very hot natured person. A sheet or nothing is usually what I use when going to bed, but I've been very cold lately. But when I get woken up by Oren.. I'm sweating like it's 100 degrees in the room, but as soon as the blanket comes off.. I get cold again. WTH?

Swelling has completely disappeared from my legs. YAY ANKLES! lol
My pooch is still swollen some and achy but I think that's about it. Wish I could say my whole stomach is swollen but no... it's just fat :\

Alrighty.. baby is crying and I need to pump before bed. :D
I'll try to remember to post some new photos soon.

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