Thursday, April 2, 2015

Just a little bit longer

DH goes back to work on Monday. Booo :( We're lucky that he was able to take a month off, but still doesn't feel long enough. Damnit, why can't we be rich :P lol

Speaking of money, DH is taking the cat in on Tuesday for surgery on his paws which will cost us around $700..... OUCH. Thank goodness for credit cards I guess.
That's still cheaper than what we would've spent on the meds the doctor had wanted us to try that may or may not have worked.
There was another vet that the one we had been seeing talked to that has dealt with this before and said the surgery is usually pretty successful. Obviously it's not going to cure him, but he'll actually be able to get around better than he can now. Which will hopefully get him to stop pooping and especially peeing on the floor.

As for our dog and his tail. Surgery was also brought up but only as a last resort. Since his tail doesn't bother him all the time, they think just getting him on some antibiotics to get rid of the infection should be ok and should be enough in the future whenever this problem happens again.
The surgery could possibly cause nerve damage which could make him fecal incontinent so yeah... bleh. Since it's not a huge issue... surgery is the very very last thing we'd need to do. Plus since he's an older dog... surgery isn't recommended.
So that's at least some good news and won't cost us an arm and a leg :P lol

In other news... bleeding has started again. Awesome :\
I thought it had stopped, but was still wearing panty liners just in case and sure enough.. felt a small gush and kept having them randomly. It's not a lot. Really light and sporadic and not totally fresh, but it's there and it's annoying.

My incision area aches some too. It's not too bad but it's definitely a reminder that I'm not 100% yet.

My boobs/nips are killing me. Mostly the nips.
I increased the strength on the pump by just 1... one little bar but it's been enough to just kill my nipples. They don't look too bad other than being really pink, but they're SO damn tender.
And for some reason my right breast has started to get this sharp ache every once in a while. Pretty sure I don't have any kind of infection or blocked duct or anything. I massage the hell out of my boobs when I pump to get every drop I can so I know things are emptying as they should. *shrugs*

I think my left breast is slowly and with great resistance giving up just a tiny bit more milk. It is insane how big of a difference there is between the boobs and hell, even from the first time I pumped with Zoe.
I went back to using the hands free bra to make sure that both breasts are getting equal amounts of time being pumped (and to cut pumping time in half)... so hopefully the left breast will start giving a little more.
Bought a new hands free pumping/nursing bra. Just got it and trying it out now. It's like a sports bra instead of the zippered halter top one that I have. Wanted one that was more like a regular bra so I didn't have to completely strip every time I wanted to pump.
It feels really awkward. It's not very supportive which is fine, but the fabric in the front just doesn't feel like it's laying how it should. For $34 though.. I'm going to use it as much as possible. Dang expensive crap!

Oren is doing great other than his poor skin. He has the same problems Zoe has thanks to DH and I's awesome genetics. But with the cream we bought, it seems to be helping.

The boy pees a TON. I don't remember Zoe soaking her diapers this much. We started cloth and he leaks ALL the time b/c he soaks through the inserts. And his poops... good lord some of his poops are SO bad.
We've been doing mostly breast milk during the day and formula at night... not sure which one is causing the issues but... we've had almost poosplosions a few times.

We actually went to the Zoo yesterday and I went to change his diaper. Didn't think he had pooed b/c I didn't smell anything, but as soon as I opened up the diaper... mustard EVERYWHERE. Thankfully it didn't leak but it was a second away from it. I'm guessing the loose poop is more from the breastmilk?

Zoe loved the zoo and loved all the animals. It's spring break though so it was SUPER frickin busy. We had actually forgotten that it was spring break until we were pulling in to the parking lot and saw all the cars lol.
Just filled to the brim with people. That part really sucked, but other than that... and Oren's poop... it was fun.

Zoe is getting a lot more rebellious. She's been doing the age old... make every excuse possible to not go to bed....lately. Tonight was AWFUL. We put her in her bed.. said good night. And a minute later she was banging on her door wanting us to open it. Welp, I eventually get up and check on her and she says she wants some toy in the living room. Whatever gets her back to bed... so I let her get it. She goes back to her room with no issues, but as soon as I put her back in to her bed... here come the screams.
I leave and not even a minute later she's banging on her door crying. We let her go for a while and DH goes in to get her to lay down along with myself..... and here comes the total toddler tantrum meltdown. Think we spent maybe 10 or so minutes telling her to get back in to bed, putting her back in only for her to get back out. We finally just left the room, closed the door and let her cry. She banged on her door and cried for maybe 2 or so minutes before climbing back in to her bed and laying down. She cried a little more but did go to sleep maybe 10minutes after we left the room.
SIGH!.... toddlers are just so..... fun :\

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