Friday, March 6, 2015

Definitely a cold

Yeah, this is definitely a cold. Thankfully it's not that bad so far. Just mostly the vice feeling in my head and stuffy nose. Hoping it stays this way and goes quick like it did for Zoe. I'll still be requesting a face mask when Oren is born. I do not want to get him sick.

Also, DH called his mom last night and she's planning on being at the hospital when Oren is born. Thankfully the grandfather is doing well enough on his own that she doesn't have to quite wait on him ALL the time still. So I'm happy about that just knowing Zoe will be there to meet her brother. Just need to see if she'll leave Zoe's cousin there too.. well not there, with another family member. I Just don't want her there right at the start and distracting Zoe. Get those 2 together and it's chaos. Don't need that when I'm fresh from my c-sec ya know.
We should be going out with them tonight so we'll see what happens.

I'm stopping the blood sugar tests. There's just no point to doing them anymore. It's not like I'm going to go stuff my face full of cake and candy or something. I'm still sticking to eating on the modified diet... but just not waiting every 2 hours to eat now lol. Now that I'm not testing... I'm eating when I want to damnit.

This last week I've been wanting to eat eat and eat some more but with the 2hr restriction after eating... I haven't really been able to.

Looking forward to eating when I want! LOL

Looks like another momma in my DD group is in labor :D
There have been a couple more that have given birth too.
It's so exciting to see all of these women meeting their LOs. Just really makes it all so real and yeah.. this is happening now.
My gosh. it's finally Friday and yes, this week has DRAGGED. I'm kind of glad that it has but also just ready. I want to get the c-sec over with, get the hospital stay over with and get home with our new little guy.

Thankfully Zoe slept until 7 this morning. Wish she had slept in a bit longer but oh well. Better than 5:30 :P
She's been doing really well with her toddler bed. A lot better than I thought.
She still I think forgets that she can climb out of her bed when she wakes up. She eventually got it this morning.... and then started knocking on her door to get out lol. So funny :D

And yep... think this is about it. Just need to get the hospital bag packed now and.... well...just a few more days to go!

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