Sunday, March 1, 2015

I love Sundays

Mostly b/c DH lets me sleep in and then he and Zoe go off to church leaving me home alone for a couple of hours.
Not sure if he's going next Sunday so I need to enjoy this time while I still have it lol.

About to go take a shower and do a bit of trimming down below. It's a jungle down there again and I want it to be as short as possible (without being bald) for recovery. Nothing grosser than having shag carpet down there while bleeding. BLEH
Sorry to get all graphic but...yeah.. just not ideal to keep it untamed.

I did eventually go back to bed last night. Think it was at 5. And surprisingly I got back to sleep and slept great too even though I couldn't get my earplugs in correctly.

Oh I forgot to mention that I kept having dreams that I was bleeding the other night. Just kept dreaming that I'd go to the bathroom and see mucusy bloody discharge on the tp and in the toilet and I'd tell DH that it was go time lol.
I really haven't had a lot of pregnancy dreams this time around.... or sex dreams either. Well no.. I have had a few sex dreams, but not nearly as much as I had with Zoe. Not that that matters at all lol.

Used the new spray cleaner stuff on the cat pee spot and it seems to have worked. I had to spray it like crazy and then spray it again, but I haven't smelled cat pee since. Thank goodness.

Now to just spot clean the ass drag spots and vomit. I'll probably leave that until next weekend. No point in doing it now only for one of the pets to fuck up the carpet the day after :\

DH took the monitor this morning to let me sleep in. He said Zoe got up... tried the doorknob, then just sort of wandered around her room a bit before he got her lol. I'll get to see this tomorrow morning but it sounds pretty good. Going to figure out which toys (other than the ones on her bed) to put in there for her that she may enjoy playing with when she wakes up.
Nothing she can be destructive with though....
We took some photos of her enjoying her bed. I'll post some after I get done showering :D

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