Thursday, March 26, 2015

Quick post

Oren smiled at me today! :D
He was on the bed wide awake, so I leaned over him and was doing that sort of soothing higher pitched voice to him. Just saying his name, telling him Hi, etc. He was looking right at me and gave me a gummy smile. *heart melt*

We went to the local state park today for a little while. Mainly for Zoe. Get her out of the house a bit. She LOVED it. Had so much fun playing with her daddy :)

I have a stitch poking out of my incision area :\ The outside of my incision was closed w/ those steristrips or whatever they're called.
I had looked at my incision a while ago and saw this white circular spot. Thought maybe it was just lint or something. Spotted it again yesterday and poked at it and it was hard so I scratched and grabbed it with my nails and yep... it's a stitch poking through. Gross. Want DH to cut it for me.
It doesn't hurt or anything, just kinda weirds me out that it's there lol.

I'm down to about 2 ibuprofin a day now for the pain. I could probably take more b/c my pooch does still ache a bit, but it's not bad enough that I NEED to take something for it all the time.
Sigh.. I really want to lipo and tummy tuck it away. I don't think it's going to go away at all even if I do lose a lot of weight. Going to be one of those things that I always have and always loath.

Dern, there was something else I wanted to mention but I can't remember. Oh well..... it might come to me later :)

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