Thursday, March 12, 2015


While I have a minute when I don't have a baby attached and I'm not dozing off lol...

Here's baby Oren. Born on 3/9/15 at 12:40pm. Weighing in at 7lbs 3oz and 18.5inches long.

And yeah... guessing everything went how most elective C-secs go. We got to come home yesterday (Wednesday) which we were very happy with lol.

We went in at around 9:30 Monday. I got an IV and started on fluids. Think they put something like 4 bags of fluids in me before my c-sec lol.
C-sec went off without a hitch. I did get nauseous and dry heaved a bit but their anti nausea stuff helped a lot.
Seemed like it took them forever to finally start trying to pull Oren out. When they did though.. WOW.. I definitely felt the pressure. Felt like someone was sitting/pushing on my chest. Not painful, just weird and uncomfortable.
Heard his sweet little cry though and... yeah... it was amazing :)
His breathing was a little rapid and heavy so they took him to be observed for a little bit while they were putting me back together.
Took them a while to do that and he was fine too.

Hospital stay was a bit easier. I was still checked a lot but not nearly as much as the first time. We actually got some rest.. not a lot but some which was more than what we had with Zoe.

I am trying breastfeeding, but Oren doesn't have a good deep latch so he's been chewing my nipples up.
It was ok at first.. just the first initial latch hurt but it was fine after.... but just a little bit ago... the pain didn't go away so I unlatched him and blood everywhere. My poor left nipple looks like he was trying to chew it off and it hurts so damn much :(
Going to try to keep going on the other breast, but that nipple is also pretty tender and sore too. Will be hand expressing some to keep the milk flowing and letting air on to the nips as much as possible.
Will also probably be supplimenting a little just to give my nipples some time to heal.

Oren is doing good though. He is jaundiced. We're waiting for the light therapy person to come by with whatever they're going to give us. He doesn't look as yellow as Zoe got but I think his levels are a little worse? I can't really remember what hers were.

He's a good little dude though. Sleeps really well so far. Gives DH and I a good 2 or so hours in between feedings so we're getting some rest.

DH is being amazing and doing so much. I'm obviously really limited in what I can do right now and my pain levels are still kind of high ish sometimes. He's been a really awesome daddy and husband.

Sorry if this is all a bit choppy. Trying not to stay on too long and hard to concentrate when in pain and tired lol.

So far... I'm good though. Recovery is still painful, but a lot easier than it was with Zoe. I wouldn't call this a breeze by any means, but it's also not too bad.

Oren is doing great and Zoe has been... Zoe lol. She really hasn't been paying him too much attention. I think she's still a bit tired and loopy/fussy feeling from her stay with MiL.


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Congrats! He looks a lot like Zoe! Too cute!

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Congrats! He is precious!