Thursday, March 5, 2015

Last appointment!

So I had my last appointment this morning :D YAY!
And boy did it take FOREVER. I was there at least an hour and a half. This particular doctor is always slow or overbooked or something.

The ultrasound went well. Looks like baby boy is going to have short little legs like Zoe does. They totally get that from either my mom, or DH's mother's side. His grandfather and one of his uncles have short legs.... they would've made great swimmers if they had gone that route. Long torsos with tiny legs lol. Ok I'm making them sound like mutants or something :P

His head was measuring almost 42w O_O and overall he looked good.

His estimated weight is 7lbs4oz. Exactly what it was with Zoe's last ultrasound :D I doubt he'll come out 7lbs5oz like she did... wouldn't doubt if he was closer to 8, but still thought that was so cool that they had the same estimate :)

The wait to be seen by the doctor was the worst part. A bored toddler is hard to get control of and the waiting room was packed.
And when I finally got put in to a room and the doctor came in.. I talked to her all of 2mins :\
I could've asked her questions but I think we already know everything we need to know.

Got my 6w PP appointment scheduled and yeah..... just have to make the long wait for Monday to get here :)

UGH Zoe woke up at frickin 5:30 this morning and did NOT go back to sleep.
I sure am missing the caffeine right now. Think I'm going to turn on some cartoons for her, recline and snooze as much as I can while she vegges out in front of the tv lol.

I WAS sleeping good last night until I woke up at midnight with a totally dried out nose and mouth. I tried going back to sleep, but the pain from it kept waking me. I drank almost 3 glasses of water throughout the night b/c I kept waking up totally dry from mouth breathing. AND I barely had to pee.. which should tell you just how dried out I did get.

I'm still getting that head in a vice feeling, but thankfully not dizzy. Seems to be a pretty mild cold. Zoe hasn't gotten any worse and her nose is barely runny now.
So really glad for that at least. Just hope it's gone soon.

Zoe is supposed to be spending the night w/ her aunt tomorrow. She loves her cousin, but I really did not want her to go over there. I know she'll have fun, but the last time she spent the night there, she didn't go to bed until 1am and still woke up super early and was absolutely miserable the next day :(
I don't want to keep her from spending the night places, but I just hate how she can't seem to sleep well anywhere else but home.
Plus I really didn't want her spending the night since its the last weekend alone with her, but it will give us time to clean and get last minute things done.

We still need to hash out a plan for her when I'm in the hospital and get someone to bring her to the hospital to visit since MiL won't be able to.

DH's coworkers threw him a little baby shower at work. Nothing like the first one for Zoe, but they were still too generous.
I guess that's a good thing about working with a lot of women/mothers lol.

We got a TON of diapers. Most of it was diapers which I'm fine with. We'll use them all :)
Also got a few onesies and other clothes. Really grateful for everything and that they did this for us even though it's our 2nd.

Oh and I got my VBS (virtual baby shower) gift the other day too :)
Not photoed was the pack of washclothes that Zoe had run away with and hid. They were just by our shoes but I had forgotten about them when I took the photo lol.
So cute!

Alrighty little man.... I think we're as ready as we're ever going to be.

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