Wednesday, March 18, 2015


My body doesn't know what the heck it wants to do anymore.
My feet and legs swelled back to elephant size again last night. I think I just need to take it a lot easier for a while. We've been going out a lot. Ive been fine with that since I thought moving around and getting out would do my body some good, but it appears to be doing the opposite.. at least when it comes to the swelling.

And then last night, I woke up shivering. Almost uncontrollably. So I covered up, and then woke up a couple hours later sweating. I didn't have a fever or anything thank goodness but still... WTH? I remember waking up shivering after having Zoe too so... *shrugs*

Pumping every 2 hours today and probably for the next couple of days to try to get my supply up. Just hope it works b/c it's pathetic right now.

Zoe, DH and Oren are doing great for the most part.
I wish Zoe would nap b/c good lord does she become a huge asshole when she doesn't :P lol
Her mouth/chin area have broken out with something. One second it was fine, the next, there are red bumps all over. Doesn't seem to be bothering her, but no idea where the heck it came from or what caused it.

DH is being amazing as usual. Just sucks that his time off is going by so quick.

Oren's tummy can not handle similac apparently. Posted a while ago about getting that similac sampler free package in the mail (that I never signed up for). We were low on enfamil and breastmilk so decided to use the similac stuff until we could buy more enfamil today. He spit up every time we gave it to him. Poor little guy.
Other than that, he's good. Diaper changes are so different with him. Zoe's were easy compared to his. When he poops.. it gets all up under his baby balls. You would think it would be easier to clean, but it's not.
Oh, he did pee on himself when I changed him earlier :P I was a split second from getting his new diaper put on him and there goes the pee fountain up over his head lol.

Anywho, here are some more photos! :D I still need to get the newborn photo shoot ones up to share. Will do that soon hopefully.