Monday, March 16, 2015

Photos and such :D

DH took Oren to his checkup today. Poor baby has had his heels pricked so many times. It was the same thing with Zoe too. Damn you jaundice!

Hoping we won't have to have him on the billibed thing for much longer. He doesn't have that yellow tinge any longer so I think maybe anther day or so at the most.

Oren is a little piglet though. Man that boy can eat! And he is SO hard to burp. That gas does not want to come out of him.
He's good though. Other than when he's hungry and when he's being changed.. he's a pretty mellow baby. Sleeps really well and just loves being held and looking at everything.

Zoe has started to give him a little more attention too. 99% positive but once when he was crying she did tell him to shush LOL.
Love my baby girl so much and I'm so glad she's adjusting so well to it all so far.

As for myself. Still having some pain issues, but I can go longer and longer without taking pain meds which is nice b/c man.. that percocet still knocks me on my ass when I take it.
I don't see how people can become addicted to the stuff. I guess it's like with anything else though. Some people like the feeling it gives them.

The PP hormones/baby blues have definitely hit HARD lol. I'm not depressed thank goodness, but boy am I super sentimental about everything and it makes me want to ugly cry thinking about things.
Such as... we've been hanging out in our bedroom for the last week. It's just easier to hang out in there since everything is right there and comfortable. Thinking about it makes me want to cry b/c it's so nice to have us all in there and bonding as a family. It just feels right and even typing that out I have tears running down my face lol.
And then thinking about how wonderful DH has been... again... makes me want to ugly cry.
Sigh.... life is just good right now.

Pumping has been decent. Kind of figured out a good way to get more out of my boobs. My left one still doesn't produce a whole lot, but my right one is a champ at making milk lol.
I pump for about 5-10min on each side and then switch, then switch back after another 5-10. Seem to get more milk that way for some reason.
I'm still only managing about 2oz but hey.. it's better than nothing I guess.
I started fenugreek and yep... starting to smell like syrup :P
Going to get some gatorade or something like it to help with hydration. Someone in my DD group pumped for 19m with her previous child and posted some tips on what she did and she mentioned that drinking gatorade or powerade really helped.

Swelling is still pretty significant. Really wish it would go away already. I'm in cankle zone right now. Before was WAY beyond cankles... in to the elephant legs territory.

Anyway... I've rambled long enough. I know everyone just wants to see photos ;) heh

Zoe watching some Netflix on DH's tablet.

Zoe being a sweet big sister and giving Oren some smooches

Went to the little neighborhood playground. Zoe deserved some time out of the house for being such a great little girl.

 Oren's adorable little baby chicken legs. Couldn't resist taking a photo before his diaper change heh.
SQUEEE I just want to nom on those legs! DH calls them Kermit legs :P hehe

Just hanging out

Our 2nd little glow bug. FX that he won't be for much longer though

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