Sunday, March 15, 2015

Almost a week old

Wow, has it been almost a week already? On one hand, it feels like it went by really quick, on the other... feels like it's been forever.

Things are going pretty good here so far.
Just pooped for the first time. WOO! lol. I know that's what everyone wants to read about :P heh But it's part of the whole PP thing.
Thankfully it wasn't painful or anything. Still clogged the toilet though... oops.
I've been taking miralax for the last few days and I guess it helped so WOO! :D

Oren is doing great. His jaundice is clearing up really well and he is an eater. I've been having to pump since my nipples have been so sore and we're also having to supplement some too. He'll eat 3oz each time. Sometimes slightly less, but it's usually 3oz. O_O

At his last appointment on Saturday... he was weighing in at 6lbs15oz. I don't think he was getting hardly anything from me when he was BFing which is probably why he wanted to BF all the time. I'm still going to try once I'm healed up, but I think what we're doing now (same thing we did with Zoe), is what will be the better solution. But like I said, still going to try. Maybe try him on the breast for a little bit and then pump after to see if that helps with my supply. I would love it if I was one to have over supply but... nope :(
I'm pumping maybe 1.5-2oz right now. Just depends on when I pumped last. I haven't been doing it on as strict of a schedule as I probably should. Just been too tired to stick to something strict.
Going to try not to beat myself up too much about it though. I must admit that I do feel guilty, even though I have no control over this. I just wish it worked out a little better.
I do miss BFing him though which surprises me.
Even though he wanted to stay on all the time, I just loved those quiet moments holding him and rubbing his little head.... while trying not to suffocate him with my boobs lol

I'll post more photos of him soon. We got some really great newborn ones done in the hospital that I'll share :D

Zoe has been great. She's still her toddler whiny self.. which has amped up A LOT, but overall she's been a really great big sister so far. She doesn't seem to show signs of jealousy... yet. And the little bit that she has interacted with Oren.. she's been so sweet to him.
And thanks to her... Oren could sleep through a hurricane lol. Seriously... there is no noise we could make that would wake him.
Think we're going to try to go to the little neighborhood park today for her. Get her out of the house a little bit and treat her to some fun :)

My recovery has been good. Not easy, but easier with meds. My legs and feet are SO swollen though. A lot worse than they were with Zoe. They got seriously bad yesterday when we took a quick trip to Walmart. Bought some compression socks while there though and have been trying to keep my feet up and that has helped.
Kinda freaked me out a bit but thankfully doesn't seem to be anything serious.

Alrighty, that's all for now. Have to go pump again. I'll try to post more photos either later today or tomorrow.

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