Sunday, March 8, 2015

Just one more day O_O

One more day... WOW!
Yesterday dragged and felt like it went by quick. Not sure how that's possible but it did lol.

So yesterday we went and bought a TON of junk food. ROFL. Yeah... we're going to gain so much weight in the 2 weeks we're planning on saying F-it! Hey... not our faults easy food tastes delicious and are bad for you :P lol

We're stocked up though.. at least for a week. DH thinks 2 weeks but yeah.. I know that's not going to be the case once we're actually home.

Also, we got our new mattress yesterday! YAY! It's actually not the one we purchased.  They have a deal going on for $40 delivery if you donate to the local food bank. DH dropped some food off and went to make sure they knew. Welp, we learned that our mattress didn't come in when they said it would (Friday) and wouldn't be able to be delivered to us on Saturday. It was only coming in on Saturday and would be delivered Monday. Well.. yeah.. that wouldn't have worked for us lol.
I'm not sure how it happened but they got in some brand new mattress that was similar to the one we bought, but better quality. They were getting some of those in and asked if we would want that instead. They had one set up that DH laid on and yep... we got that one instead w/ no extra charge.

It's definitely an adjustment to our old one. Our old one had that indentation spot where I laid so my body was familiar with it. This one is firm and no indentation. It's comfy though.

Too bad I still slept like total shit last night b/c of this damn cold. Again, the actual cold is pretty mild. Just a stuffy nose and some sinus drainage that's causing some throat clearing, but that's it really now.
The stuffy nose part is going to do me in though. I am not exaggerating when I say that I woke up every hour last night.
I'd wake up b/c my nose and mouth would be completely dried out and hurting AND I would have to pee. B/c of the dry mouth and nose.. I'd have to drink a lot of water.. which of course led to me getting up in another hour to do it all over again... dried out and all.
Holy crap that was awful and frickin frustrating. All I wanted to do was just sleep but noooooooooo.
I am surprisingly feeling ok today though.. but I'm sure I'll be a walking pregnant zombie later.

Zoe had fun spending the night with her cousin. Thankfully they didn't let her stay up too late.

Zoe will be spending the night with either aunt or MiL tonight. I wanted her to stay home again but I guess it works out better this way, plus she loves spending time with them so it's ok.

So nervous and excited to see how she reacts to her new role as big sister. Not sure what she's going to do now that she's not going to be center of attention all the time. I think she'll be ok *nodnod*

What else what else.....
We keep being given baby clothes. Kinda frustrating b/c we'll finally have it all clean and oh look.... more clothes that need to be washed.
Don't get me wrong, I really really appreciate everything we're getting, it's just with a HE washer, you need a big load to clean things properly and a couple baby clothes isn't going to cut it :P lol
I'll have to throw a couple of towels in with it. Should be ok. Just something else we have to get done.


Man....... just one more day.....
There won't be any updates until we're home (probably Thursday). I have no idea what any of my login info is off the top of my head so won't be able to update through my phone or anything lol.
If we're friends on FB though, I should be updating there :)

FX for a nice smooth recovery and a healthy little baby boy!

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