Friday, March 20, 2015

Should be asleep

Should be sleeping right now but decided to stay up a little bit longer to mess around on the net a little.
Thankfully I had a good nap earlier today. DH was watching a movie, Oren was soundly sleeping and Zoe was happily watching netflix on the tablet :P lol
Plus Zoe is unexpectedly spending the night with her granny and we don't have anything planned for tomorrow so I can sleep in a little or get in another decent nap :D

Things have been good though. Oren is one little piglet. He does eat a lot but I think some of his rooting is just him wanting to comfort suck. Not sure why Dh is so against him having a pacifier though. Whenever either of us bring it up, he just says something like "Eh he doesn't need it" or the subject gets dropped. I'd much rather him be on a pacifier than suck his thumb which he's been doing... at least when he manages to get the hand up to his mouth lol. You can't take away the thumbs :\

Zoe is doing pretty well. She's wanting to interact with Oren a little more. Not much more, but I think she realizes that he can't do much of anything right now so interactions are limited lol.
I think jealousy has shown a little. Nothing too bad though. Like after Oren is done eating, if we leave the bottle out, she's grabbed it a couple of times and starts sucking on it. He didn't finish one of those small premixed 2oz bottles of formula, she snuck it to her play tent and I'm guessing was trying it out for herself. She did bring it back out and kind of showed off that she was sucking on it (not actually drinking it, just chewing/sucking on the nipple). We're not getting mad at her when she does it or anything though. Just telling her that the bottles are for the baby.
We do feel bad that we haven't done much with Zoe though. Well we did take her to the little playground, but once I'm feeling a bit better, we're planning a trip to the zoo soon too for her.
Plus with Easter coming up, we'll be taking her on church egg hunts. So that will be fun.
She better enjoy all of this while she can though b/c when it's just me taking care of everything... we aren't going anywhere :P lol The hell if I'm going out with an infant and a toddler by myself if I don't have to. YIKES.
Lol, I know that's terrible to say but just... ugh.. I don't even want to think about that right now.

Speaking of doing things by myself... DH only has 2 more weeks left :( Boooo
I'm really happy and so thankful that he had 4 weeks off, but man... I wish it was longer. He's the best husband and daddy.

Recovery is slowly but surely getting better. Not having to take pain meds so often is nice. I've cut the percocet down to one pill whenever I take it now.. which isn't often. Thankfully at that dose, it doesn't knock me out.
My feet and legs are A LOT less swollen now. I can sort of see my ankles now :P lol They're still a little swollen but keeping them up has helped tremendously.
My pooch hurts like hell still though. It's swollen like crazy and hurts. It's not discolored or hot to the touch or anything, just something from the c-sec that still needs time to heal. It's the main reason why I still have to take the pain meds.

Looked at my c-sec incision area today and it's looking pretty good. A lot more noticeable now. Has that puffy scar look, but it's not red or anything. Just looks like a normal scar. Still kind of paranoid and weirded out about touching it though. Wish it were smaller too. Read women describing theirs and they always say how small/short it is. Mine is from one side of my body to the other. It is not a small scar. Don't get me wrong.. I do wear it proudly, but I know the reason why it's so big is b/c of my gigantic pooch that covers the area and they probably had to cut it that wide b/c of the fat.

Speaking of fat.... I weighed myself today. I knew it would be a lot since I am still swollen all over, but damn.. I'm weighing more now that I did at my last appointment.
DH wants to start eating better soon and while the thought of fixing food from scratch makes me want to go hide in the closet... I'm also looking forward to eating better and losing weight.

What else what else... OH!
I got my new toy today!! My new almost $500 toy. The price makes me want to throw up but it was desperately needed.
We bought a new professional grade carpet cleaner. After doing some research on it, we decided that it was pointless buying cheap but still expensive pieces of crap that didn't do anything or broke... so we bit the bullet and bought a nicer higher grade one that got really good reviews.
It's the same thing we did with our vacuum a few years ago. We went through SO many cheap ones, we finally broke down and got a dyson.
Anyway... if I'm feeling up to it, I may use it tomorrow while Zoe is at her granny's.

Speaking of which.. that was not planned. We went out to dinner with them tonight and as always, Zoe pitched a fit when it was time to leave. She loves spending the night anywhere but home and always starts crying when we take her home. She only cries for maybe a minute or 2 and gets over it, but man.... granny and aunt fall for it every damn time. Tonight was no different.
DH and I have been so tired lately though with Oren and her getting up early that we just let her go.
The other day, she woke up at 6am. DH went and got her and laid her down with us. Hey it worked b/c she went back to sleep and we all got another hour and a half sleep out of it. So yay! lol

Oh and finally.... pumping has been going ok. It's taking a while but I think my supply has gone up a little. A couple more days of pumping every 2-3hrs will really help my supply go up even more hopefully.
I also put Oren to boob a couple of times. It was mostly for comfort though. He was a bit confused at first and it took a few tries to get him to latch, but he did and the boy did not want to get off. Like I said, it was mostly for comfort so he'd end up falling asleep while doing it, but would be awake just enough to do the small little suckles.... so cute but my nipple (only put him on my right boob) was starting to feel the pain from it lol.
Not really sure if doing that helped my supply or not.
I will say that I really wish my left boob produced like the right one did. If it did, I wouldn't have supply issues at all. My left one is crap. It doesn't even produce half of what the right one does. Nothing I'm doing is improving matters either. Might try just leaving the pump on that side for a lot longer to see if that helps.

Anyway, I've posted enough and it's bedtime. Hell, actually it's almost time to pump again. Bleh! lol

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