Tuesday, March 3, 2015

People are assholes...

So I headed out this morning to Target and Michaels. Picked up the crap from Michaels and walked slowly over to Target b/c I started aching really bad. I was doing full blown pregnancy waddle b/c it was the only stride that felt comfortable lol.
Anyway... I'm right at the doors to go in to Target when this couple w/ their boy in tow come barging in right in front of me. Clearly seeing me, but not giving a shit.
Whatever.. it was misting outside so they just wanted to get out of the weather.
Well then said woman of the couple takes her sweet ass time at the shopping carts completely blocking the area and clearly seeing that I needed to get by to get my own cart. She didn't give a flying fuck though.

Well I go about my business and pick up a couple of things.... and this target didn't have a couple of other things in stock that I wanted to get *grumble*
Anyway... I head to check out and oh look.. it's that same couple who see me and seriously race in front of me to get in line before me.
Whatever... they only had like 1 or 2 things like I did, so not a big deal.

We're both waiting in the same line when a cashier for the returns/checkout line comes through and tells me she can check me out.

Oh hells no for the asshole couple. They pitch a gawd damn tantrum and LOUDLY ask this poor underpaid employee why she ignored them and blahblahblah. Nevermind that the ONE person in front of them was just grabbing their bags in to their cart so they were literally just about to get checked out themselves.

Just UGH.... seriously. OMG I was this close to turning around and bitching them out. I was hurting, I was pissed that the store didn't have some of the things I wanted to get in stock and I felt bad for the poor cashier just doing her job.

People SUCK.

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