Friday, September 27, 2013

WTF body??

I slept like total shite last night.
I got about 4 hours total of sleep.
Feeling ok for now, but I'm sure I'll be the walking dead later.

Did have a surprise when I went to the bathroom at 1am though. Wiped away some blood. WTF??
I'm on cd19. I've been taking OPKs multiple times a day (actually remembering to so I haven't skipped any days).... and just yeah... WTF?

Wonky hormones I guess. Thinking the hormone problem is the cause for the sleep and lack of weight loss too. Not sure what my body is doing.

On this current path though, I think January is going to be the earliest we're actually going to have a real chance at TTC. Hell, maybe even later than that.
I am going to start exercising next week so hopefully that helps whatever is going on. Obviously I'd rather be pregnant right now, but if we have to wait a LITTLE bit longer, then I'm ok with it.... but just so long as my body keeps doing what it should be doing, like losing weight, getting more regular, etc.

Need to finish up some of the baby shower and gift stuff I want to do. Have the baby shower planned for Oct 19th. It's not going to be a lot of people, going to basically just be a family get together, but still.. I want it nice for SiL.

Zoe last night.... man. I dunno what crawled up her booty but damn.
She spent 45min crying her eyes out when we put her to bed. I don't mean minor fussing... no sir. This was full on nuclear meltdown mode she was in.
Her window was open too. I was afraid someone was going to hear her and think we were abusing her or something.
I checked on her 3 times and as soon as I picked her up, the crying stopped and she'd be pointing to things as if nothing was wrong. As soon as I put her back in her crib though... it was the end of the world. SIGH!

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Megan said...

Even on birth control my body has still been screwy.