Thursday, September 12, 2013

Stuff and junk

Period picked back up a little yesterday. turned in to a mostly medium slightly heavy at times flow.
Still not totally normal though.
Seems to have tapered off again today... well, at least for now.
Whatever... my body is doing what it needs to I guess. Just hope it's not some long drawn out thing.

Weight has also dropped back down. It's not where it was, but at least it's not going UP again. BAH!

Diet has been good though. Been HUNGRY as hell probably b/c of hormones so it feels like I've been eating a lot lately. But eating this way is pretty darn easy and so far, I'm feeling good.

I think it's actually kind of fun finding different ways to making common foods.
Like BLT for instance. We had BLTs the other day but instead of bread, we just wrapped bacon and tomato in a leaf of romaine lettuce and it was delicious!
Also found a recipe for a primal lasagna that uses zucchini or squash as the layers that I really want to try out.

I also made some cheesy bread that was gluten free.
This recipe Flourless Cheesy Bread. Used it for homemade pizza! It was a little higher carb than what I usually eat, but it was still flourless and awesome!

And for dessert?
Pumpkin Pie Custard with some homemade whipped cream! YUM!
The first batch of that I made wasn't sweet... at all. Made it a 2nd time and used more stevia along with about 3tbs of honey and BOY was that good! Sweet but not too sweet and just delicious! Next time I may try candying some pecans w/ honey and adding that to it! Of course with all of that honey though it won't be a common dish I make, but at least I know it's a healthier treat than what I normally would go for.
Plan on trying my hand at making a chocolate custard next :D


We've expanded Zoe's prison.. I mean... play area a little :P heh
We had to buy 2 gates off of amazon. We also had to move our 2 book cases which we did yesterday so Zoe finally had more room to explore :D
Now she has the sunroom and ALL of the living room (instead of just the area in front of the tv).
It's great for her, but MAN.. nothing is safe from her little hands! She knows how to open drawers so we've had to block one of them that has nail clippers and other small objects.
And nothing is safe on the table by the chair any longer. Oh well.
She's starting to understand that NO or our NO sound means just that. Doesn't mean she listens all the time, or she'll listen for a minute and go back to trying to do whatever.
Girl is gonna give me grey hair.

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