Monday, September 9, 2013

Gestational Diabetes and my SiL

So I saw preggo SiL yesterday when she came to pick up her girls.

First.. her bump is SO cute! It's so round and adorable :D Honestly, I thought she'd be A LOT bigger since this is her 3rd... not that that would be a bad thing. She looks great pregnant :D

Anyway, so she tells me that she had to be put on insulin... and A LOT of it.
Then she tells me how she ate half a sub sandwich and chips and had high sugar after it. Uhm... DUH?

GRRR I'm just so frustrated with her.
She was on a low carb diet before getting pregnant. That's how she lost something like 28lbs in 2 months!
I've told her NUMEROUS times how if I had listened to the dietician and eaten as many carbs as they said I could have, my sugar levels would've been THROUGH THE ROOF when I was pregnant with Zoe.
And yet.... she listened to the dietician anyway.
When I gave her a look and said, that the sub and chips were her problem, she just gave me a sheepish smile and said "Well my dietician said I could have it."
It's like talking to a BRICK WALL.

You can't have your cake and have a normal weight baby too! Or however that saying goes ;)
I just can not express how totally frickin frustrated I am with her. I just want to shake some sense in to her.
I know going low carb isn't for everyone and that sub and chips would've been fine for others, but obviously, that is not the case for her and she knows it!

It really reminds me of my brother (her husband). He's diabetic and still eats SHIT food b/c he expects the insulin shots to do all of the work. And when it doesn't... well just increase the amount of insulin and still eat the same ole carby sugary shit as before.
I will be shocked if her baby is less than 9lbs.

Anyway, I really need to text her to see when she wants a baby shower. She's probably going to get her c-sec late Nov and well, that's not that far away LOL. Need to get a date so I can light a fire under my ass to get shit done for it.

It's def AF.
Not sure if it's going to be a normal AF though. It is encouraging that it started when I went to slightly stricter primal eating. Could be coincidence, but I'll take it as a sign that this is what my body likes and needs to regulate.

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