Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Babies are gross

Ehehehe, one of my DD group ppl reminded me just how gross our LO's are.
Her LO found cat kibble to be mighty tasty.
I have to laugh b/c Zoe has more than once gone after the dog food. She did manage to put some of it in to her mouth but she spit it out right as I got to her to do a finger sweep.

She's still a gross one. More than once she'll be crawling around and I'll see her pick some mystery something up, pop it in to her mouth and then say "mmmmm" *barf*
I don't even want to know...... well I do, but I don't.
I can imagine that this is only going to get worse as she gets more mobile and can reach more things.

Girl has had some NASTY poop today. I swear... all but 3 diapers were poop diapers!! It's kinda funny seeing whole foods in them. Like cut up grapes or entire black eye peas lol.

She's wanting to talk so much! Her Star Wars is getting better. Got her to say Yogurt today too :D
I'm sure she says a lot of things, we just haven't figured it out yet heh.
Love her stinky little ass so much!

Started OPKs today. Probably could wait a while longer. I'm only on cd10 right now and with how my body hasn't been doing much... yeah.

OH!! I busted out the thermometer when I started spotting.
I managed to take my temp twice then and both were high 98's.... *shrugs* That's pretty high for not ovulating? So..... holding out a little hope that I could have?

Temp today was usual pre-O stuff though... 97.6. I had to take it at 3:30 am though. Woke up needing to pee so had to take it b/c I knew I wasn't going to get another solid 4 more hours.

 My weight is not wanting to budge. I think I need to eliminate possible foods that cause inflammation. Tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs, hot sauce.... maybe dairy too.
Get rid of those for a bit to see how my body does. It sucks though b/c I LOVE those so much :( Figures that the foods I adore are ones that are causing possible problems.

And finally..... a GURL moment....

Saw your photo on FB Shari and GUUUUUUUURL *head swivel*... you look amazing!!!

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Shari said...

Awww thank you!! Bf'ing is working wonders. I bf'd with Athena but my supply sucked. When I stopped at 3 weeks, I wasn't watching what I ate so all the weight came back on. Not going to make that mistake again.