Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Serious baby fever

... but my body refuses to cooperate :(

I keep having dreams where I'm getting positive pregnancy tests. Hell, last night I had a dream about a positive OPK and got SUPER excited about it.
Women without fertility issues just don't understand how lucky they are. Especially the ones that can actually plan out the month they want to have their child in (like it fucking matters).
That came off harsh. It's not their problem that others have fertility issues and it is unfair to aim my anger and jealousy towards them.
Those ugly feelings happen though, but I can't let it consume me.

Anyway, was getting some serious baby fever last night when I was looking through some of Zoe's older videos. Holy.. Shit... we made an adorable baby!! LOL ;)
Watching the videos of her at just a few months old. Giving that cute hesitant new smiles... melted my heart and put baby fever in to OVERDRIVE.
We are going to give her a brother or sister (hopefully at least 2 more siblings if I have my way).
I'm not a dried up cow yet damnit!!!

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