Friday, September 20, 2013

Old woman

That's what I feel like anyway.
And old woman that didn't want her baby to spend the night away yet LOL.
I can just see myself now when Zoe is ready to move out..... UUUUUUUUGH, I'm gonna be that blubbering mess.
Even though I enjoy some Me time, I want my baby near me at all times too.

Sigh.... I'm sure everything will be ok though. Zoe enjoys her time w/ the inlaws.

We went apple picking yesterday in the mountains. Boy... I would love to live somewhere that had a view of the mountains in the background. Gorgeous and just so.... serene.  I wouldn't want to live on one though. The roads are a bit too much for my nerves lol.

It was a good day though. Bad for diet, but good for the soul :) Well... not counting the steep hills that we had to climb in the orchard. Really surprised I'm not sore today.

I'll post some photos of that later.

We went to a steak house for lunch. Meh.... we were going to go to a bakery too but we had MiL with us along with SiL's toddler and yeah, it wasn't going to happen b/c apparently, we were MiL's taxi for the day too. :\
Whatever. I didn't mind having to take her somewhere, but it would've been nice if we could've stopped at the bakery as we had planned to do instead of making it all about where she needed to go.

Also, I think if we ever have a boy.... we've settled on a first name for him.
We both do still like the name Ziggy and while as a child and possibly a teen it would be a good name, it's not really a great adult professional name lol.

So, while on the way home from apple picking.... I came up with Bishop :D
It's not common but not out there, and it sounds like a nice STRONG name. DH really liked it too so yep heh. Now to just ovulate again so we can actually have a chance damnit!

I've been feeling something from the right side. Hopefully it's something growing.

Anyway, gonna relax some before we go get our eardrums blown out at the concert. Can't wait!

Oh and I forgot another sexay momma that made me do the head swivel GURL to.
LisaB! I saw that photo you posted on FB! GUUUUUUUUURL. Makin me all jealous! lol

Damn you ladies for doing the right thing and losing the baby weight! *fist shake* ;)

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