Sunday, September 15, 2013


I should just stop making extra pages b/c I never keep up with them. SIGH!

Anyway... weight loss is going well I think. The scale isn't moving much atm, but I know it will eventually.
Really should have taken measurements at the beginning of this. It feels like I'm still losing even though the scale doesn't show it.

Anyway, going to head out shortly to target to look for some cute silicone molds for homemade fruit snacks. YUM! Found a recipe for them and they sound really good.

I know I've said it before (maybe), but I find it really fun to find all of these recipes and trying them out :D
Oh and I also plan on trying a homemade marshmallow recipe on that same website. Don't have marshmallow root, but it should still work. I think the root is just used to get whatever nutrients are in them.

Oh and I finished SiL's baby's blanket. It's not what I wanted though. I started it off WAAAAAAAY too big. If I had completed it the way I wanted to originally, it would probably end up being about 6ft long. Don't have enough yarn or time for that LOL. Maybe when he's older and if the blanket is still in decent condition I can slowly add on to it to make it longer for him. Right now though, I think it's a good size for a baby :)

Since he's being born when it's cold out, making him some cute hats too. Also going to make Zoe some new hats. Love it! Love crocheting and creating stuff :)

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