Monday, September 23, 2013


Forgot to post again...

The concert was great!! Not a whole lot of people, but that's not really surprising. STP is an old-ish band. I'm sure if it had been someone a bit more current the teens would've filled that place to the brim.

Anyway, it was still a great concert. Both bands sounded amazing.

We came home and got a bit drunk. Well, I was just a little drunk but DH.. man, he drank WAY too much and paid for it w/ throwing up, dry heaves and a hangover the next morning lol.

I missed Zoe the entire time though. It just didn't feel right her not being here with us.
Even though it was nice being able to sleep in or not getting woken during the night.... I wanted her here.

She did NOT do well at MiL's when it was bedtime. I think that's mainly b/c they didn't want to let her cry.
They said they put her in the pack n play they had and she would start crying so they would pick her up. Sigh....
So... first half of the night (until 3am), FiL slept w/ Zoe on his lap in a recliner in the living room. Then, MiL took over and did the same thing lol.

I know some of that was Zoe not being in a familiar environment, but I'm sure she would've fallen asleep if they had just let her cry a bit.

Zoe was VERY happy to come home though. We didn't get home until her bedtime and she went right to sleep and didn't wake once. Woke up after 9am which isn't normal for her now.
THEN she kept dozing off until her 2nd nap which DH had to go wake her up at 4pm b/c she was still sound asleep.

Poor baby.... the inlaws weren't the only ones that didn't get much sleep it seems.

She's gone right back to her old sleep schedule though so it's all good :)

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