Friday, May 31, 2013


Just got done with the movie. About to head to bed b/c I am POOPED.
That movie though... lol (Magic Mike in case you didn't read my last post). Yes, there was some eye candy in it but I dunno, that kind of stuff just doesn't do anything for me. It wasn't a bad movie though surprisingly enough. Nothing deep or great about it, but not bad.

Anywho, been thinking lately and getting that damn mommy guilt. I feel guilty for not doing certain things with Zoe. Like reading to her. We haven't read anything to her in terms of like, bed time stories. I think we should start, but getting that guilt for not doing it sooner.

Also, I don't let her watch any kind of baby/kid tv. I watch what I want to watch and yeah... she'll look at the tv if she recognizes a sound. Like she recognizes Ellen's theme song and the Price is Right whenever I leave it on that.
She really doesn't take that much of an interest in the tv though so I don't see the point in putting some kind of cartoon on that's going to make me want to poke a hot iron pick in my ears lol.

I know logically, overall we're doing just fine and I don't have any reason to feel guilty, but I'm sure most moms/parents get this feeling every once in a while right?
Just that inadequate feeling that keeps you up sometimes.

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I've kinda wanted to see that movie hehe :-)
I don't know much about it yet, but it seems like moms have a lot of guilt! My friends express those feelings quite a bit. I can tell you are a great momma though, hun. *hugs* You have loved Zoe for years, before she was conceived. Babies will like what they like, and sometimes it's not typical baby stuff. :-) You are always there for her and take such good care of her. She is a very loved little girl. :-)