Friday, May 10, 2013

GAH!! Dumbass!!

Thanks mental_floss for finally making me realize that I'm a total dumbass!!
I've totally been using the word anxious wrong. SIGH!!!
How embarrassing.

I'm up early today. Woke up at 5am, Zoe woke up a few minutes later. Decided to just go ahead and feed her. If she had woken up earlier I wouldn't have.
Went back to sleep finally at around 6 and then only got in about 30 more minutes of sleep before I woke and couldn't get back to sleep.
Oh welp....
Zoe is actually still sleeping. Any other day when I actually want more sleep in the morning she would be wide awake. Lol, always seems to work like this.

Zoe is such a silly baby though. We block her in to the living room while she's crawling around. Well in one of the spots, we have a stepper. Now the stepper alone doesn't stop her. She figured out how to slide over it pretty quick. Well if she does it, we'll go get her. She'll actually try to crawl away quicker!! It's SO funny b/c she only gets maybe a foot or 2 away before she flops.
Same with if she's going after one of the dog's toys or a piece of something. She's a clever little girl and knows now that she's not supposed to play with certain things and if she spots that we're about to stop her from getting something, she'll try to race crawl towards it before we get to her. LOL
It's so funny and so cute. But I can see this becoming a HUGE frustration when she's older if she keeps it up hehe.

I brought up getting another dog to DH yesterday.
Actually, he asked If I wanted anything for Mother's Day other than me not having to cook... and that's when I said... " A puppy" lol
He said yes, they're cute and irresistible, but he wants to wait to get another dog. Not sure how long though. I'll have to ask him.

He really didn't enjoy having 3 dogs. BUT that was mostly b/c 2 of them are large. Not super big, but around 70lbs each.
While I would actually love another big dog, I think for our next, we're going to try to get a smaller one. Nothing over 30lbs probably if we can help it.
There are lots of pure breed dogs I would like too. Such as... dachshund, Pomeranian, Pekinese, Corgi ( I think those get a little too large), or a Bull Terrier (the Target dog, not a pit bull), but after looking at the local no-kill shelter pups... I'm sure we'll be getting a shelter puppy which I'm totally fine with too.

I'll just keep an eye out for puppies. I'm sure if there's something out there that fits us perfectly, DH will have a hard time saying no.. MUAHAHAHA

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Megan said...

Corgis don't get that big, they are a smaller dog like the 30ish pounds you want.