Thursday, May 9, 2013


Zoe had her 9 month checkup yesterday.
She is 19lbs 5oz and 28.something inches long. She's jumped up in percentiles. She was close to 50%, but both of those are now 75%.
What can we say, she's a good eater :)
I'm so nervous about giving her non-pureed foods though. Not including puffs. I'm sure I won't be once she starts getting teeth. Her doc checked and said that she should be getting some in the next couple of weeks. Felt like an area of her bottom gums are a bit swollen.
She only had one shot yesterday and only cried for a second before giving the nurse a death stare lol.

And of course the doc asked how she was sleeping and we confessed to feeding her when she woke. It was suggested that we just let her cry it out...again.
We did that last night and Zoe actually did really well. She only did her minor half asleep fussing and not for long. Hopoefully if we actually stick to this, she'll learn to settle herself better.

I want to get another puppy. There's just that hole that needs to be filled by a furbuddy. I've been looking at shelters and there's a good one that I would like to adopt a puppy from.
It would be nice for Zoe to grow up with a puppy by her side.
It would have to be a small dog though. While I like big dogs, something smaller would be better for us right now.
We'll see what happens. I know DH wants to wait before we get another dog though.

2 comments: said...

Go momma and Zoe! What a healthy girl!

I'm glad you had a good night last night - I hope it continues! FX!

I think that's a great idea to get a new puppy. I'm so sad for you guys. When one of my beloved cats passed away a couple years ago, we went out like within a month to get a new kitten. It definitely made us feel a little better and brought us joy. Plus, that would be nice for Zoe, like you said.

LisaL said...

I brought it up with DH and I don't think he's ready to get another dog yet. He really didn't like having 3 dogs, but even if we do get another, it's not going to be another large dog like the oldest (and 2nd oldest) one was.
We are def going to aim for smaller dogs for a while. No more than say... 30-40 pounds, preferably smaller.