Saturday, May 25, 2013

Poor little butt

I wish Zoe's skin wasn't so sensitive. Her poor butt never seems to catch a break for very long.
We've been doing CIO method to try to break her of her habit of wanting a bottle during the night.
So when she cries, unless it's shrieking, we don't check on her until after it's obvious she is asleep, and maybe not even then.
Well, she's been pooping during the night, so we don't check on her means she sleeps w/ the poop all night long and it wreaks havoc on her poor little butt.
It looks a lot better now than it did, but MAN, it looks terrible before. Raw, red, thankfully not bleeding, but it was very close to being that bad.

I woke up at 2 last night on my own, she woke up soon after (I swear she can sense it), and I couldn't sleep. I had to check on her and sure enough, poop. It was pellets which means she was constipated and it means usually, there's more to come soon after. That kept me up until after 4 worrying about it. Sigh.

Life of a parent I guess. If it isn't one thing worrying you, it's another :)

Zoe wants to walk SO bad. She's still not too confident with it yet, but she is quickly getting there. She wants her independence and at the same time wants more attention now too.
I love having her on my lap, playing and talking with her, but sometimes... I need some me time! lol
I need to get as much as possible now while we still only have one hehe.

Speaking of that. No exercise this week. I think my body was reverting back to eating right and it was NOT happy about it. I felt like total shit almost the entire week. I didn't get the 'carb flu', but I just felt so off and not well. Like when your blood sugar is low... I wasn't shaky but I just had that really bad off feeling, and I had a lot of headaches too.
I'm gonna get this shit going though. I feel normal now and there are no more excuses.... even though I'm sure I'm going to try to think of some lol.
Finally weighed myself and thankfully I've only gained back a pound which shocked me. Sucks that I gained anything, but it is what it is.

I'm not going to be so low carb this time. I've been eating yogurt to see if it will help with my digestive issues. That crap has so much sugar in it but, oh well. That many carbs shouldn't be a problem for once a day.

SiL had her... erm... 12? week scan this week. She texted me a photo of her LO. Looked like a cute Venom hehe. It's so insane how quickly they develop... inside and out.
Still can't believe that Zoe is going to be ONE... frickin ONE in only a few more months!
Holy hell where has the time gone??

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Anonymous said...

Aww, that sucks about her little bum! Must be hard to avoid that! I can't believe she's almost one, either!! Omg, it seems like just yesterday I was watching you get your BFP and going through your pregnancy!
I'm glad you only gained a pound back. Sorry you haven't been feeling well. That makes sense when your body is going though changes. Here's to hoping that lots of good changes are coming for ya! FX