Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Oh no!!!

Poor Zoe. Tonight was NOT her night.
She SO wants to mess with the dogs and the cat. None of them want anything to do with her except eat whatever food she drops.
The dogs I'm not worried about... the cat though.....
Our cat is very.... independent and a bit of a dick. He'll often bite the shit out of DH or I if we pet him for what he deems as too long. I'm not talking about warning bites either... I mean actual break the skin, puncture wounds.
Welp, Zoe doesn't know this... at least... she didn't until tonight.
The cat was laying in the living room.... I managed to get him to move when I saw Zoe going for him.
The cat just moved to the other side... and there went Zoe, right on his heels.
As soon as I said, watch her.... the cat attacked. Bit Zoe on her head and clawed her as well... and yes, drew blood.
:( :( :(
My poor baby. She cried for only a minute but I still felt terrible that she got bitten and scratched.
THEN, after we got her cleaned up...
DH was sitting in his chair, and Zoe will often pull up on us while she's crawling around.
This moment was no different, but all of a sudden, she falls straight back and she cracks her head on the end of the exercise stepper. Just a loud THUD.
Thankfully the edges are rounded, and I'm sure it sounded a lot worse than it was, but still....
OMG I felt so bad for her..... bitten, scratched and then bonks her head. I wanted to cry I felt bad.

Bad thing is... this is only the beginning. As she becomes more mobile, she's going to get hurt a lot more. Have more tumbles, spills, scrapes... etc.
Gotta be strong and keep it together when it happens or I'm gonna be crying right along with her lol.


SLESE1014 said...

wait until she starts climbing. 2 days ago I found R standing on her music table...I have since disassembled it. The girl is going to give me a heart attack. She's trying to climb EVERYTHING! Poor Zoe. I hope her "wounds" heal quickly. She's getting so big and growing up so fast....Pulling up is so exciting... walking is just around the corner :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, poor Zoe! I worry about one of our cats. She's a bit mean, too. It must be hard when your little one gets bigger and gets hurt! How in the world do you keep them out of trouble?! lol.

Megan said...

Our cats sound very similar. Poor Zoe and her tumbles.